Saturday, May 31, 2014

Team Tracker is Back for good! Q and A with Rick Dyer from the Expeditioners Live from DuckTown,TN!

After The Shot went back on sale yesterday and 22 has already flew off the shelves in only 24 rs , plus the 19 sold last year! You can now buy your Team Tracker Hats and T-Shirts!

Q and A with Rick Dyer from the Expeditioners Live from DuckTown,TNQ and A with Rick Dyer 

Q. Did you kill a Bigfoot on 09/06/2012?
A. Yes I did and it will be proven soon

Q. When will the Bigfoot be on Display?
A. This summer

Q. How do you deal with jealous people (Haters) and why do you poor gas on the fire?
A. I love them, They have made me so much money and brought me attention that world cost a crazy amount of money... Free advertisement

Q. Why did you quit and come back 4 or 5 times?
A. I really had to! I was filming with a production company and they ask me to until the filming was complete. They pay good so....

Q. What is next for Team Tracker?
A. Well to get some more new members, We have 9 now i want to build Team Tracker up to about 20 or so!

Q.How is the new store doing?
A. Very good!! We sold 22 dvds,10 hats ,14 shirts, 4 memberships and over 50 stickers so far!!! Very happy

Q. Will you do Live shows
A. Yes when I don't get enough attention, I'll do a show to get people talking!!

From  Concerned Viewer!  Q. Did that guy in your video come back to camp?
A. Yes at 1am Joe and I hiked out to get him!

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