Friday, March 7, 2014

Rick Dyer responds to Robert Lindsey's blog of lies

Ladies and gentlemen this was taken from Robert Lindsey's blog. The only reason Robert makes up these terrible lies about me is that he doesn't want to get attacked by the haters.. He states that what I'm saying is true but on the other hand I'm a bad person he tries to please everyone unfortunately he has to lie to do it.

Robert Lindsay is a gutless spineless weasel and along with others who loves to ride my coat tail.  :)

A friend of mine wants to “bring down” Rick Dyer. I am not sure what he means by that. Here are his reasons.

Reasons for Dyer to be brought down:

  1.  He killed two Bigfoots, not one, and he lies about this everyday. It's either one or the other
  2. He rips people off. Would you like to pay Rick Dyer 20 dollars to watch Harry and the Hendersons? I had nothing to do with what the movie theater shows, I was only paid to speak and show the body!
  3. He rips people off. He is a millionaire and won’t refund customers for videos they purchased. I have refunded everyone that ask ! only 19 people has chosen to wait
  4. He’s rude and obnoxious to 90% of the people he encounters. Are you kidding some haters have met me in person and left as fans. Look on my fan page anyone can tell you I'm very pleasant including haters...
  5. He’s on a mission from God to exterminate Bigfoots. Not even exterminators seek to drive insect species into extinction.LoL
  6. He won’t share his research with the scientific community at large. There is no need to right now!
  7. He is not a man of his word and he lies. People that know me know that I'm a man of my word when it's important. But when I'm controlling the haters in my career you damn right:)
  8. He’s waged a personal campaign on you, Robert Lindsay. He tells people in public that you are an asshole and liar. Robert Lindsay is gutless and he lies about almost everything! I never knew who he was till he started making up lies and talking shit!
  9. He is a bad person. Says from a person who had behind the computer and never met me
  10. He is a glutton of capitalism. Ok
  11. I think it would be interesting, and could shake things up for the better. History is made by those who take action, not those who bitch about the unfair realities and developments of life.What?

Well I think 95% of the Bigfoot community would agree with everything on this list, and a lot of folks would probably like to add some more. Not a bad list I would say. About Dyer’s comments about me being an asshole and a liar, I vigorously reject the notion that I am a liar. I really don't care what people think about me ,people that have met me in person what beg to differ.

I think even all of you capitalist fanboys out there would have to agree that Rick Dyer gives capitalism 

A bad name.   LoL 

                     Look at the stuff he writes about none of this is true! 

Well what Rick says here is not true. Rick did indeed have warrant out for his arrest from some Southern state for $8,500 in child support. Rick presented the warrant to Jack Barnes at dinner one night, and Jack wrote a check for the $8,500 right on the spot. So I am certain that Rick is lying about the child support stuff. My child support payment is taken out of my army disability check each month and has been for over 10 years! No one paid $8500 no warrant there isn't one bit of truth in this. If this didn't make me money I would sue him for defamation.

The stuff about never having been convicted of a crime is a half-truth. Rick has been arrested a number of times, but like many sociopaths, he always seems to weasel his way out of the charges. Not only has Rick been arrested a number of times, but he has also been charged and even tried a number of times. Rick managed to avoid convictions in these cases by agreeing to some sort of a settlement with his victim. In the case of Lily Dyer, he promised not to beat her up anymore and in the case of a man he ripped off $17,000 for a Corvette that was never delivered, he simply agreed to pay the man, and apparently he did pay him back. I was mistakenly arrested twice for a eBay scam where someone stole my identity and I was out of the country so no one could get a hold of me. The charge was quickly dropped! You can't steal  $17,000 from someone get arrested and just pay it back with no consequence... ridiculous... And Robert wants you to believe that if you promise not to beat up your wife again they would just drop charges.. ridiculous... I think the world of my wife I would never put my hands on any female! I'm no angel and I won't be intimidated by police officers or anyone else and sometimes I let my mouth overload my ass.. I have never been convicted of any wrongdoing including a traffic ticket, but for some reason all these lies being spread is getting me more fans and followers... So once again I can't complain too much:)

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