Wednesday, November 13, 2013

When Haters get busted they try to act like Victims!!.....Vegas Rob Confirmed as Robert Swetz

  When Haters get busted they try to act like Victims!!.....Vegas Rob Confirmed as Robert Swetz !

                                                         People is this a coincidence
                                Robert Swetz is a local here in Vegas and just so happens he is
connected to the Bigfoot community in many ways from expeditions to many post about Bigfoot. This morning at 10am, I called his cell phone and asked him to return my call. If this wasn't
Vegas Rob he would have no problem calling me back to tell me I had the wrong person. At 2pm just to
make sure I don't bust the wrong guy. The person ask for my name then 2 min later she said he was busy..
3:30 many of Swetz websites and post from his other pages was taken down. At 4:30 I tried to contacted
his supervisor and sent him everything I had via email. To put the nail in the coffin, He confirmed they issue
Black Berry phone to their agents. At 5pm I contacted LVPD....Again

                          This is why I am doing this! I don't attack anyone who doesn't attack me 1st
Very Sick People!! When they get caught they play the VICTIM!!! lol... The haters don't understand
their own has done them in....................................

  • Anonymous Saturday, November 02, 2013 11:00:00 AM ***RICK DYER UPDATE*** Mr Rogers is back in the neighborhood!!! First of all: Ricky Dyer the Liar, payback is a bitch! Acting on the info that the sensational Steve Lane provided, I checked out Dyer's address that Steve posted. ( I do a lot of driving around in my work, so I thought, "what the hell.") As I was in the parking lot in front of his #242 apartment...who should walk out but Rick and Lilly hand in hand walking away from the complex! The timing was perfect. When they had walked around the corner I took off to follow. They passed the Jack-in-the-box and headed into the little Mexican liquor store. I pulled into Jack-in-the-Box and then headed into the liquor store and acted as a shopper while watching Rick and Lily. Rick p/u a 24 pk of Coke and some other items ( I have a picture from my BlackBerry of him and Lily at the register, that's how I knew of the tatoo on the back of his neck). Anyway, afterwords I talked to somebody at the complex and got added information. With the data I had gathered I constructed the story about being a resident there at the Piedmont Springs Apartments in Las Vegas. I knew this would "freak the hell out" of Dyer...and it did! Ricky, consider this payback on behalf of Racer X, Steve Kulls, and J.R. Dobbs! You are a true blue POS!!! Sure, you got Steve Kulls and J.R. to travel to L.A. to confirm that you were hoaxing--and they did--but we, the "haters" got you to flee your with 6 MONTHS remaining on your lease!!! Management isn't going to be happy about that! Dyer, what does it feel like to SUCK that bad?

    • AnonymousMonday, November 11, 2013 9:29:00 PM Hey, I have an idea for some Dyerific fun! Let's find out where the POS lives---hopefully he is telling the truth and it is in Vegas---then we can have a "Haters Convention" and all head over to Dyer's apartment and meet the Clown King in person! We can pass around flyers to his neighbors so that they could have the pleasure of knowing that the "Best bigfoot hunter in the world" is living in their midst! Why should just a small handful of haters have all the fun? I want to share the gift of Dyeria to all the people in his apartment complex! It will be good for his neighbors to know that they have a "master tracker" in their complex. They will then have somebody to turn to if bigfoot ever shows up in the ghetto. So, this X-mas season help me share the gift of Dyeria to the less fortunate. He has brought a lot of laughter to our lives, I'm sure others will enjoy laughing at him too! Vegas Rob from Racer X' blog again

                                                               The next step all depends :)

FYI I don't care if people have my address but if you fuck with my family you want like the out come!

To keep my kids in the same school we just move across the street with a garage!1

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