Saturday, August 17, 2013

"Bigfoot: Boggy Creek Sequel Now Filming"



Film crews began shooting a new movie Monday about an attack by "Bigfoot" in a small town in East Texas.
Directors said they chose of Mineola, Texas  as the location for their movie because of its homey, small-town charm.

Even though "Bigfoot Wars" will not be Carol and Mikayla Anderson's first time to be extras, the two said this time will definitely be different.
"It's always been fun to be an extra in any movie, but this is exciting for the monster aspect of it," said Carol Anderson. "Anything gory would be fun."
Nearly 100 East Texans lined up to try out to be an extra in the movie on Sunday. It is something the mother-daughter pair said they do all the time.
"Just to maybe see our faces on the screen," Carol Anderson said. "Even seeing the actors is exciting."
"Who wouldn't want to be in the movie or on TV or something?" said Carol Anderson's daughter Mikayla.
Phil Nichols is a long-time Bigfoot fan and he is also the guy who actually builds the monster for the big screen.
"I always watched that stuff and I was always scared," Nichols said. "Sometimes we'd be peering out the window and see Bigfoot staring in at us and I just kind of want to share that fear with today's audiences."
He said the Boggy Creek sequel will especially please fans who do not mind being a little scared or grossed out.
"We're making a whole army," Nichols said. "There's going to be thousands of Bigfoots, all kinds of carnage, both human and Bigfoot, lots of gore, lots of creatures, just total fun. This movie should please all the people who wanted more out of Boggy Creek. We're giving y'all more."
Even after long hours in the Texas heat, the Andersons said the mother-daughter activity is something they will continue to do.
"We try, if there's a role for one or the other we go support each other," Carol Anderson said.
The film crew will be shooting in Mineola, including some scenes at the city's nature preserve in the later part of the week.