Sunday, July 21, 2013

"Team Tracker Fouke Monster Wrap Up"


"Team Tracker Fouke Monster Expedition"

The team wrapped their expedition to Fouke Arkansas today spending the entire night looking for the popular Fouke Monster, made famous in "The Legend of Boggy Creek" movies of the 1970's.
                                                                   (Jason Judd)

Our team consisted of Stickfoot, Jason Judd and Tomas Coffield. They braved the extreme heat and humidity and insects the entire time. They spoke to some local residents about the monster and in general had a very spooky evening.
                                                              (Stickfoot Tom)
Jason Judd will have a full report tomorrow on this trip which is part of our duel team efforts. Our other one is "The Rick Dyer 91stvExpedition taking place in Vermont and surrounding states. 
                                                              (Tomas Coffield)

 Thanks to all of our team members for another exciting adventure.