Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lindsay Refused To Call In To Show"

                                                                (Robert Lindsay)

Here is IM exchanges I had with Mr. Linsay. Rick had me invite him to call in Rick's show last night and ask him questions directly. Looks like Bobby Boy would rather stick to his "trash" journalism instead of going straight to the source. I'm not surprised in the least.

Frank Cali
Robert, Your invited to call in tonight and ask Rick direct questions at 1-818-369-1413


Robert Lindsay
Don't do ambush interviews, sorry!

Frank Cali

Well, Rick thought you may want to talk directly to him instead of getting wrong information from those nuts you use. You could have asked him anything you wanted. Whomever told you the "details" of the Vegas trip was way off. When I wrote for magazines, they had us triple check everything we wrote BEFORE it went to press.

Robert Lindsay
I didn't have anyone to go to to see if it was true or not.

I don't have to deal with fact checkers because I don't write for a real publication

(after 3am )Frank Cali

Rick went point by point tonight in his show about your post. Your talking to Daz or Jas and they are just pissed off. Daz and Jas are nut jobs, so beware

that's why Rick wanted you call in and he'd give you the true facts

Ambush interviews???? No one wanted to interview HIM. Rick invited Lindsay to call in direct with any questions. So you can see that Bobby Boy does not want any real facts, just the crap he's been writing all along. Lindsay says he didn't go to anyone to see if the facts he wrote were true or not!!! AMAZING.

Reading his stuff is a waste of time. Mr. Lindsay, you showed the world just what type "journalist" you really are tonight.

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