Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Bigfoot & The Jeanie Bottle"

By Frank Cali, Vice President Team Tracker & Keaton Cali Team Tracker Member

                                                                (The magic bottle)

(Here is a children's tale I helped by son write) Rick Dyer is one of his heroes. And you know what, his one of mine also. We love him.)

One upon a time I was siting on a stoop looking up into the sky. I found a lamp so I began to rub it and give it a try. All of a sudden smoke started to appear and the lamp began to shake. But what to my startled eyes should appear...a Jeanie popped up right before by eyes. The beautiful lady said "Hello Master, thank you for releasing me from that bottle. I have been trapped in there for the longest time" She said I would be granted 3 wishes. I thought long and hard about this most appealing offer. It's not everyday you find a magic lamp with a Jeanie inside.

For wish #1, I said I would like to meet "The Greatest Bigfoot Tracker in the World" and be part of the event that unfolds and be told. BANG! Wish one was granted. Wish #2 I said "I would like to see a Bigfoot live or dead" She looked at me and nodded her head. WAM! Wish #2 was granted

For my 3rd wish, I again thought long and hard as the bottle started to gleam. I said "I want to be a brother to this Bigfoot tracker and help him run his team. The Jeanie said "So be it" all of your wises are now granted Master.

She went back in the bottle and I took it with me. For here we have an amazing Bigfoot creature for all the world to see.

Very soon now you all will see it too. Thanks for reading my story, it was written just for YOU!  God bless

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