Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tim Fasano and Michael Merchant exposed by the truth

Fasano is one of my friends in the Bigfoot community and we go way back. My news blog is the best on the web for one reason. I kiss no ones ass and I tell it like it is friends or not. Their has been many times in my Bigfoot days when other Bigfooters like Steve Kulls would call me and say "look if you take down that post about me I'll take down that lying post about you" or " If I were you I wouldn't give any attention to that person". They tried to block free speech and if you do post the truth they try to black ball you. You must kiss ass and not report anything bad about anyone the Community likes.

            Check Michael Merchant out talking bad about Jews Christians and black people!

                       Michael Merchants Racist Rant about Jews/Christian WARNING!!

Here is a catalog of Merchant videos, Muslim and Jews bashing...he's going to shit you have these videos...lmao!
Before Merchant joined Team Tazer, he promply removed his Videos. My guy saved his videos before he removed them.


   Tim Fasano is very easily influenced by anyone. He's unable to think for himself and make his own
decisions. He reported about me for three days and called me and stated he's blog never had so many hits but people wanted him to take it down. One day later it's gone.
The fact is the people who asked him not to report on me are the same people who make a living off me. He's dream of being liked and accepted by the community clouds his judgement!  

What I got out of this Video'..

He calls out TGB for asking for donations- But Tim Fasano has also asked and received donations from me and others members of my old Team Tracker.

He thinks if he calls other people hoaxers , People will forget about his past attempts at hoaxing.

It seems to me he's very Jealous of  Tember Giant Bigfoot.

This video made me sick!! Then I started to remember how cowardly he acts sometimes.




**** He calls Jesus a Zombie Flying Jew

****He Drops The N -word!

**He needs help!!

                                                    And people support team racist!


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