Sunday, May 11, 2014

Andrew Clacy of Wodonga Australia hiding his Sexual Preference says former Lover Michael Tse

Andrew Clacy of Wodonga, Australia hiding his Sexual Preference says former Lover Michael Tse!

Sin City is where I 1st met Andrew Clacy. He was very likable and a easy going person.
Las Vegas is an open town and no one cares about your sexual preference. Andrew never
opened up to me about his, but now it all seems to make sense. Every other word out of his
mouth was bashing gays or had a negative comment about them. I just let it pass because, I
didn't know how people dealt with that in his country. It all seems to make sense now. Andrew
was in the closet and I had no clue till his ex lover  Michael Tse contacted me tonight. I was Blown away till he showed me pictures of them together and one that Andrew took of him while he was making dinner for the two. I ask him to do a hang out and he agreed. He seemed very upset and often broke down in tears. He told me they was together for over 3 years on and off and that he was still
in love with Andrew. He stated for some reason Andrew insisted he wasn't gay but kept coming back
to him time after time leading him on. Michael told me to look at the photo with him and Andrew at a mutual friends wedding, the connection is undeniable! Although still friends they drifted a part.
Michael told me The only reason he contacted is to expose him and hopefully he will come out of the closet and not be ashamed of who he is!

Maybe him and Lynk ,who knows they always was gone together.. Who Knows and who cares!
It's 2014 Andrew!!  It's ok