Thursday, October 31, 2013

Con Man Frank Cali will be behind bars soon!

A donation was made today to help us with the fight against Mr. Frank Cali!  Thanks JJ

 Frank Cali Exposed

Frank will be in jail soon. Frank has given out private information  regarding Team Tracker & Rick Dyer
We found out today that was criminal NOT civil. (A report was made}

Frank Cali is so poor, he can't be sued, however, there are many other options open. His career was not very successful that's why he eats out of a cereal box, and blames everyone else for his state of poverty. In fact, Frank can only blame himself in working such low paid positions for his working life.

The breach of confidenti​ality is not of man who has ever held a position in office.

His media career was in public radio and country radio, he was not talented enough to be on a major city radio program.

As for the job in the White House, we do not believe him, any man who lies as much as him would not last very long.

A PI was hired today :)