Sunday, June 30, 2013

"Racer X Like Wet Ones"

After Randy Filipovic AKA Racer X's water pipes busted in his apartment rescuers try to push haters Douchebag Don Boucher and Skyla aka Steve Lane back in the ocean after a "Hater hot lunch meeting".
The haters tripped over their huge egos on the way out of the emergency evacuation. Sorry to say the 300 hamburgers and fries and several dozen roasted pigs and cows were lost in the damage. All of Racer X's porn magazines have been destroyed which he kept under his bed.
 All of his autographed pictures of Jim Parsons from"The Big Bag Theory" Richard Simmons, Harvey Fierstein and Rip Taylor have also been destroyed.
He allegedly will be camping out at a local men's room TFN. LMAO
"What goes around, comes around"

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