Thursday, November 29, 2012

Why do people like Merchant become jealous

One of the things few people know about is that jealousy is one of the most dangerous emotions people can experience if not the most dangerous one.
A research has shown that people who get involved in college shooting don't shoot the ones who used to bully them but instead they used to shoot the ones they were jealous of!!
If a guy was bullied by some people and was really jealous of some others then according to the study he will shoot the group he was jealous of and not the bullies!!
Thankfully college shooting is a rare phenomenon but on the other hand lots of those who experience jealousy will try to harm you in other ways that might not be as obvious as college shooting.
After all if the emotion is strong enough to motivate someone to kill others then certainly it can easily push someone to do something less intense that can still harm you.

Understanding jealousy

If jealousy is that dangerous then it makes a lot of sense to understand where does it come from so that you can be able to spot jealous people easily.
So why do people become jealous?:
    Perceived competition: If someone doesn't care about wrestling then he might not pay any attention to you if you became a wrestling champion but if he cares about finding a good job then there is a big possibility that he will experience jealousy if he saw you landing a good job. So mainly jealousy happens where there is perceived competition
  • Being unsure of his skills: In the Solid Self confidence program i said that If a person was 100% sure that he can do that same thing you did then he will never feel jealous, however, if he had some doubts then he might feel jealous. The intensity of jealousy will depend upon the intensity of these self doubts
  • Being in need: If someone needs money the most then he will certainly feel jealous upon finding you financially successful, on the other hand, a rich person might feel jealous of a financially successful person but his jealousy won't be that intense compared to a person who is really in need of money

How to protect yourself from jealous people

While jealous people might not shoot you still they might do something that harms you and that is not very apparent such as gossiping about you.
In order to protect yourself from jealous people you must:
  • Do not appear so brilliant: At least in front of those who are in need the most. If a friend didn't find a job and is in a bad need for money then you shouldn't mention your financial success in front of him at all
  • Be humble: While people can become jealous of a humble person still the jealousy would be much less intense than if the person was arrogant
  • Offer help: Certainly helping someone who is in need will reduce jealousy and in many cases eliminate it. Help people who are in need and you will reduce their jealousy
  • Don't announce intentions, announce achievements: When you announce your intentions people start to feel jealous even though you did nothing yet, at this point they might be able to harm you. That's why its much wiser to announce things after you complete them so that it becomes too late for someone to stop you


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This explains alot about that loon Merchant. Good info! Damn, That picture looks exactly Like Michael Merchant!!!

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Forest Mindspeaker gives advice:

Michael is ashamed of his own skin...he masquerades as a chicken...making bigfootery look like chickens^&*.