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Now We Know That Everyone Is Full Of Shit In The Bigfoot Community."This is why people say we are nuts!

I know.-- awesome headline, right? This is an actual story, and we just ripped it off from Robert Lindsay's new blog post today. We received a phone call from Lindsay about two possible Bigfoot bodies that's probably in the possession of Wally Herson, the mega-millionaire. How or where does he get this information? "Bobo" he says.

Read on if you like this blog title, via Robert Lindsay:

Those of you following the famous Sierra Kills Hoax story often wonder what happened to the bodies of the two Bigfoots that were killed at Mt. Haskell, California, in the Sierra Nevadas on that cold and fateful fall day on October 10, 2010. Many have expressed disbelief that one or more of the bodies were not recovered on that day or on later trips to site.
I can now report that no less an authority than Bobo Fay himself has said that two bodies were indeed retained from the Sierra Kills aftermath at some point, either on that day or most probably later.

Bobo was at a recent Finding Bigfoot meeting for the show he is starring in. Someone asked him about the Sierra Kills and asked why no bodies were retrieved from the site. “No!” Bobo replied. You don’t understand! They’ve got the bodies!” This means that according to Bobo, both bodies from the Kills were retained at some point and are apparently being kept safe somewhere for safekeeping.

According to the official story, Justin Smeja did not go back to the site under 3-4 weeks later when there were several feet of snow on the ground. After a day of digging through the snow, about 2 pounds of Bigfoot flesh was recovered from one site. It was thought that this was from the adult male Bigfoot.

However, Scott Sandsberry, a reporter for the Yakima Herald newspaper, wrote a multipart series on Bigfoot last year. He conducted many interviews with all of the big players in the Bigfoot world. In the article about the Kills, Sandsberry stated unequivocally that Smeja went back to the site soon after “with a prominent Bigfoot researcher.” Note that this expedition has been elided out of the traditional narrative.

In addition, Derek Randles states that he did not have the time or money to go back to the Kills site until 8 months later. But this cannot be true. Randles stated soon after he learned of the Kills, “We have a team ready to go down there tomorrow.” Apparently the expedition to the Kills site would be funded by Wally Hersom.

Bobo has made other hints that bodies were retained. In a recent episode of Conan O’Brien, Bobo was asked about the Sierra Kills. Bobo said, “The whole investigation is centered around those bodies.” This implies that both bodies were retained and are being used in the study somehow.

In addition, on the Joe Rogan show, Bobo was asked by Ryan if the bodies had been retained from the Sierra Kills. Bobo hesitated for a few seconds and his jaw seemed to drop. He started to say something, but then he stopped. He asked Rogan, “Um, can I talk to you after the show?” Rogan said sure. Then Bobo launched into a spiel about how no bodies had been retained.

As we can see, Bobo has implied on two occasions and openly stated on the third that both bodies were retained from the Kills.

Obviously the bodies, if they exist, have been squirreled away somewhere. So who has them? I and my fellow investigators do not believe that either Smeja or Randles has the bodies. If anybody has them, it is probably Wally Hersom.

Why were the bodies squirreled away? We think that the bodies were hidden in part to preserve Ketchum’s study. After all, revelation of the bodies would have killed Ketchum’s study once and for all by showing it up. So the bodies were secreted away so she could be the first to discover Bigfoot. After all, a race is on now, similar to the race to be the first to find HIV in the 1980′s. Then as now, many people want to be the first.

Another possibility is that Ketchum has a Hollywood publicist and a Hollywood lawyer working for her. These are very shrewd folks. They may have figured out that having Ketchum’s study associated with something as gruesome as the Kills, with two whole dead bodies, including a juvenile, horribly enough, was deadly for the study.

As one of my fellow researchers said, “They probably figured that those bodies were Kryptonite for her study!” So in order to make something of the Kills, they sawed off a slice of the thigh of the adult male as a sample and stashed away the rest.

Assuming they exist, will the bodies ever see the light of day? No one knows. They may be hidden away forever, or they may end up being sold mysteriously to some millionaire in China.

Perhaps when things blow over a deal of non-prosecution is signed for Smeja, they could be revealed.

On the other hand, many players have insisted that no bodies were retained from the Kills. If the bodies later show up, they will be revealed as shame-faced liars. Derek Randles said, no doubt revealing his deepest fears, “I don’t want to be known as the guy who hid the bodies!” Sure he doesn’t.

But if they ever turn up, millions of fingers will point to him, and he will have a lot of ‘splainin to do. Randles and others’ reputations will be shot and may not recover. The bodies may well serve best hidden away for a very long time.


                                           They will say anything to keep this hoax going!

  • FYI!! Got to vent. I will say this very clearly. I do not have any BF bodies. Wally Hersom does not have any BF bodies. To my knowledge, no bodies were ever recovered at the Sierra site. Approx 2.5 lbs of flesh was recovered at the site. A piece of flesh was cut off the recovered piece and given to, and signed over to me. I submitted that sample to the Ketchum DNA study. My organization The Olympic Project also submitted many other samples as well. Yes, I did the initial investigation with Justin, and yes I did work with him for quite a while, and he worked with me doing camera work in the area. After his reluctance to stop doing interviews I choose to stop working with him. He is still my friend to this day. I did organize a recovery effort several months later with Jeff Meldrum and others. The area was extensively searched by myself, other Olympic Project members, Bobo, Bart Cutino and others. The only thing recovered on that tri...
    p was a bone fragment with some hair on it. These are the facts, so help me God. You see, I'm an extremely honest person, and any of you that have worked with me know this to be true. I conduct my research with integrity, never embellishing or exaggerating anything. There are a lot of people spreading a lot of lies for lack of something better to do. I just wanted to clear this up...again. Thanks Robert and Shawn.

    As far as the Ketchum DNA study is concerned, Myself and The Olympic Project are a large part of it, and we stand behind the study and Melba 100%. I'm very thankful she's devoted years of her life to help recognize and identify the Sasquatch. People can agree or disagree with her findings, that's cool, but the rudeness and sarcasm certainly doesn't have to be there. Sometimes this feels like middle school. Funny thing is, all this will very soon be going mainstream, and I for one really hope that a lot of us can come together collectively and do our best to work together and learn from each other. We would all like the world to take us more seriously wouldn't we? I know I would. If you took the time to read this, thank you. Derek Randles.

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