Thursday, November 29, 2012

Is Bigfoot Real?

Many people have wondered if the legendary creature is real. There are many pictures of Bigfoot, and tapes too. The most famous tape of Bigfoot was taken by two men named Roger Patterson and Robert Grimlin. They were on a mountain when they spotted the creature in the woods. After videotaping the animal as it walked slowly past without seeming to notice them, they immediately told everyone they could find of the film they had. They quickly became famous, but some people were skeptical. They said it could have been a bear, or a man in a monkey suit, but after careful study, scientists later revealed the creature in the film had a muscle bulging from the leg that would be very hard to fake, and walked in a strange limp. Still, some people didn't believe in it, no matter how many pictures were taken of it. 

There are some people who believe in Bigfoot but most do not. There is not enough evidence to provide convincing proof same as the tooth fairy or the Easter Bunny.

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