Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Is Bigfoot Discovery Museum Perpetrating a hoax? Santa Cruz County says yes!

Santa Cruz County says this is a lie! They stated they have people that owes more than $50k
in back taxes and are happy to work with them. 5497 Highway 9 Felton, CA 95018 is in no
danger of being sold! Also we have found out that this property is owned free and clear and
is valued at $1,346,000 .00.  Mike Rugg is a very credible person in the bigfoot community.
Rugg had no comment when confronted.

                                                           You be the Judge!

                                                              The Hoax!
Let's pull together, Bigfoot community! When I tell people where I live, I am proud to say that I live just 2 hours away from The Bigfoot Discovery Museum. I've only been to the museum once and I would like to go again in the future. If you haven't gone, let's hope it will still be there a month from now.

So, what's the rush? Well, Mike owes the county over $4,300 in back taxes. If Mike cannot pay said amount by June 29th, the Bigfoot Discovery Museum will be sold at a auction. If, or when that happens, it will be a very sad day in Bigfoot history. The question is, can the Bigfoot community pull together and save a whale? We hope so, and we're going to collaborate with a bunch of folks to raise enough cash to help save the museum.

For people who don't know Mike and are not sure if you should pitch in, here's a story written by Mike Rugg about all the hardship he has endured to keep the museum running. Perhaps this will make it easier to help out a fellow Bigfooter:

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Hes a hoaxer..lol You know he sipports Tom Biscardi!