Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Is the Bigfoot Community a Hoax?

Last year Sasquatch Genome Project group held a press conference in Dallas Texas to screen alleged DNA results and never before seen footage as evidence for the existence of relict hominids in North 

America.  Although you'd think that this should be good news for those who feel that unknown bipedal primates exist, I felt much uneasiness when I read about this. This was due to the fact that the claims being made seem to quite possibly be fraudulent, and I will briefly discuss why I feel this way in my writing here. Due to my feelings on this recent event, I have decided to write this article to try to ask the Bigfoot community why does some people get labeled a hoaxer and some doesn't? It's obvious to me that when your liked in the Community you get special treatment. Rick Dyer is the villain in the Bigfoot community and makes a living of people that hate him ($100k in 2008 Ice box Bigfoot to $325k in 2014 The Body Tour. It seems that everyone has some sort of Bigfoot scam. Dr. Jeff Meldrum makes a very good living off of his theory that can't be proven , charging up to $5k for appearance fees .  

Sasquatch Genome Project with Melba Ketchum and JC Johnson of Crypto Four Corners wanted people to believe that a Chewbacca costume was Bigfoot...... I reached out to JC Johnson (One of the 7) for comment . He stated to us "He was never involved in a hoax". Funny but true and that is the way the "creditable" people respond in the Bigfoot Community. No one has the guts to call the "CREDITABLE" People out.

Many people have been involved in major hoaxes in the past and it seems like they received a free pass. Steve Kulls the Sasquatch Detective was the main cause of the 2008 Hoax. Kulls makes a living these days by riding the coat-tails Rick Dyer and only going after the people that are hated in the community.

What will happen next?

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