Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hoax, Lies and Bigfoot: Is Dyer Back?

Hoax, Lies and Bigfoot: Famed / Infamous Bigfoot Tracker Rick Dyer Breaks his silence

I started out with the intention of doing a story about the hit TV show "Finding Bigfoot" but when I started doing research about the mythical creature one name kept popping up, "Rick Dyer." Rick Dyer is, without a doubt, the most controversial figure in the Bigfoot community. Love him or hate him, he has a knack for getting under people’s skin. Believe it or not, there are people out there who eat, sleep, and breath Rick Dyer. Dyer is best known for his hoaxing antics that make the Bigfoot community’s blood boil! The 2008 “Bigfoot Hoax” press conference was covered live on CNN and FOX News just to name a couple of networks. Six years later it would happen again on a much bigger scale. Dyer claimed that on September 6, 2012 while filming with a BBC film crew that he shot and killed the mythical beast behind a Home Depot store outside of San Antonio, Texas. The story received international media coverage, but Rick didn't stop there. In late 2013 Dyer, along with Andrew Clacy and Lynk Paul, agreed to make a fake Bigfoot body so they could take it on a tour. In late January 2014 they set off on a tour of the United States. The “Bigfoot Body Tour” took the media by storm and was the number one news story across the world. The tour ended on March 8th in Daytona Beach, Florida during Bike
Week 2014. A dispute about money ended the events and everyone involved tried to blame it all on Dyer to cover their own backsides. That's where the story should've ended, but there is one thing that Rick never strayed from; he still claims that on September 6, 2012 he did indeed shoot and kill the mythical beast outside of San Antonio, Texas and a British film crew
was there to film it all. The release of the Minnow films documentary "Shooting Bigfoot" caused an international stir among Bigfoot enthusiasts. Award winning documentary filmmaker Morgan Matthews has recently stated that nothing was staged during the filming of the documentary. I recently spoke with Rick Dyer via Skype.

Q. Are you currently in the Bigfoot community? You had previously stated that you had left the Bigfoot community for good. A. I recently allowed Jesus back into my heart after a very long absence. I walked away from Him but He never walked away from me and He is guiding me through my next steps in life. I am a Bigfoot tracker. I will always be a Bigfoot tracker, but the big difference now is having God helping me to do the right thing. There is a difference between leaving the Bigfoot community and leaving the negativity. I left the negativity for good, but after a long talk with God there is no leaving Bigfoot.
Q. Will there be a press conference in January? A. If it's in God’s will to do so then absolutely. I have no control over anything to do with that. I'm not counting on it. I suggest people not look forward to it. At this point I'm not even sure it will ever come out. The one thing I can guarantee is that God is behind me on this but I did shoot and kill a big foot on September 6 of 2012.
Q. What about the skeptics? A. It's so easy to be a skeptic all you have to say is “not true!” Skeptics can rip apart anything. That's easy to do. There have been so many things in history that skeptics have ripped apart only to be proven true at a later date. The Tent video and "Shooting Bigfoot" are 100% real. It's so easy to say that “it's a suit,” or “it's so fake,” or “it’s CGI!” It's hard to say that it's real because no one has ever produced this kind of evidence before, especially a known hoaxer. There's more evidence, prior to this, of the tooth fairy than there is of Bigfoot. As of now the scientific community agrees that Bigfoot could not exist. So it's very easy for people to say that it's a hoax. God knows what happened that night and he knows I shot and killed a Bigfoot! That's good enough for me.
Q. Who were your investors during the tour? A. I had no investors for the tour. I frantically tried to get some, but they ultimately refused and I'm glad they did now. I had to get a personal loan for the tour which has been paid back. My original investor did not want any part of it.

Q. What's next for Rick Dyer?
A. For the past couple of weeks we have been working on something big and I hope it pans out. If not, it just isn't in God's will. I still have many followers and fans out there who would like to see me in videos about Bigfoot. The big difference is God is walking with me he's with me when I take every step. I will no longer be hateful in retaliation when someone is hateful or they lie about me. It just shows how miserable they are when they act like this. Turn the other cheek and move on. I will try to make my wrongs right.
After Rick's history it's really hard to take him at his word, but on the other hand the Bigfoot community has its own sketchy reputation. In my opinion, if your reputation is good in the Bigfoot community than that just means you're a better liar than anyone else. There's no way to prove Rick’s claim regarding September 6, 2012, but on the other hand there's no way to disapprove it either. Only time will tell…

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