Saturday, June 21, 2014

Response to Don Boucher ass kissing attempt

Yes folks Don Boucher is attempting to get in to the good graces of the Bigfoot Community by kicking other people down by given the popular opinion. Don hasn't been in the woods in decades but he does know how to bash people and lie. As you see in this video Don will not go after – the people that needs to be bashed, Like Shawn Evidence Justin Smeja oh no you can't do that, instead he goes after people that actually been in the woods looking for Bigfoot and sharing their evidence. It's really easy to sit behind a computer and talk shit. It's hard to get off your fat ass and go in the woods and actually do something to help in the search of Bigfoot. All these keyboard hunters are doing is hurting what's left of the real Bigfoot community. The real Bigfoot community are those people who don't post very much ,who don't bash people no matter what ,Who concentrate on what they're doing and not what someone else is doing or have not done. Don has bashed me for over a year lying and making up wild stories about me posting pictures of my house .He was even kicked off of other Bigfoot forums for being too aggressive and that's very unusual. I left I forget about Don boucher video with him talking with Philip. The video will be back up on the private site with a link very soon.

Don Doucher a lonely sick cunt... He has to be to come up
sick shit like this! Check out below

Don Boucher
Hello Everybody.

It has come to my attention that Rick Dyer has attacked yet another innocent person , saying that they are attacking him using a dozen names to do so. He has told his followers to harass this person, and they have. Skyla is not involved in this and has not been for a few months. She has been on vacation with her family, instead. She has only one name and that is the only account she ever uses.

Other people use fake accounts for this reason: Dyer has crazies who follow him and these crazies make death and rape threats to females. Dyer's followers have already made death and rape threats to two females who have come out and said they do not believe his claims to have a body. True to form Rick Dyer's followers are still making rape and death threats to females even today.

I told Dyer a long time ago, that if he ever drags another innocent person into this and puts his followers onto them, I would handle this personally. Thanks to Rick Dyer posting his license plate number on the web, I now know where he lives and, this weekend, I will be flying to Vegas to handle this personally. It takes me an hour to get there by plane.

Expect a knock on your door, Rick. This is the last straw.

See you soon don@! :)

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Well this all seems horrible