Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hoaxers, Psychopaths and the so-called credible people! Welcome to the Bigfoot community

As you probably will notice my writing skills are below par. I do however get the point across, so enjoy my incoherent ranting of the truth.

While sitting at home this Sunday I'm became somewhat inspired to write about the Bigfoot community as I see it. I feel the need to publish what I've seen in this community the past 8 years.

My name is Rick Dyer if you don't know me then you're not in the Bigfoot community. You see everyone has their own agenda in the bigfoot community and everyone belongs to a certain click. So basically a bunch of spineless people that don't want to piss off certain people in fear they will be blackballed in the community. You have no idea how many times someone has asked me "please don't tell anyone we talk" or "let's keep our conversations between me and you". I usually get off the phone and start cracking up because even though I'm the most hated, I'm also the most popular and I've been on TV more than any other Bigfoot personality probably combined with the exception of the Finding Bigfoot cast. 2016 will be my biggest year yet and I did it all blackballed from the Bigfoot community. Ass kissing and clicking don't get you noticed being different being a leader and not a follower will provide the best outcome . Stacy Brown Jr is one of the very few that doesn't take any shit from anyone and does his own thing and what do you know he's successful. Other notable mentions Rictor Riolo my wife and I spent some time with him last summer in Las Vegas and boy did we have a good time.

I consider myself the most truthful person in the Bigfoot community. Did you know after all these years I am the only person that has ever publicly admitted hoaxing! Crazy but true... I put Bigfoot back on the map in 2008 .Networks and production companies saw how profitable Bigfoot was because of my 2008 Bigfoot hoax.

Money is the root of all evil in the Bigfoot community. I hear everyday about credibility. Who is a real researcher who isn't. The truth of the matter is real researchers don't have websites or advertise expeditions they do it because they love it and they keep it to themselves. Every researcher out there is motivated by one of two things money or fame. Whomever denies this is a liar plain and simple.

Trying to please everyone is a route that some people take. Tim Fasano is one of these people. The man is a real researcher and is a real asset to the Bigfoot community. With over a thousand Bigfoot videos and thousands of hours out in the field ,he is still look down upon in the Bigfoot community. To be completely honest he is one of the very few people I look up to when it comes to field work and boots on the ground.

Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum is probably the most "credible" person in the Bigfoot community.
He falls in both categories money and fame.
If you want Dr. Jeff Meldrum to come and speak about Bigfoot you better have deep pockets because you will be paying airfare Hotel and at least $1,500 for an hour. There's a little known fact Dr. Jeff Meldrum had a chance to see the real Bigfoot body in Las Vegas but required $10,000 to do so. Don't think I'm just picking on him many people try to make a living off Bigfoot like Loren Coleman and many others in the community some are just better than others.

Don't get me wrong you can still care about Bigfoot , be a believer and be in it for money and fame. The problem I have is when people say "I'm only in it to find the truth not for money or fame".

The community is a place for people to gather and share their experiences about Bigfoot, Well in a perfect world that would be the case. A new person in the Bigfoot community has very few options they will tell you who to like , who to hate and what to believe depending on which click they stumble across. I've met some wonderful people in the Bigfoot community that has improved my life significantly. I've also met the most disgusting and mentally disturbed people in the community.

Many lonely people join the Bigfoot community to have someone to talk to for companionship in a weird sort of way. Their mind gets wrapped up because they think they are fighting for a cause. These people never been apart of anything in their life. It's a new experience they have friends now it seems they have a life and it's very addictive like a drug to these people. I've had people come out to my house and take pictures of my wife and kids. Ive even had some of these people in my own group. I've had these people look me in the eye and tell me that they would die for me and that I've saved their lives. These are the same people that will have a knife buried in your back as soon as you turn around. Don't get me wrong, it's only about 25% of the people in the Bigfoot community that are like this and go to the extreme. For the most part most people are harmless.

The art of going on an expedition. I've attended are hosted over a hundred Bigfoot expeditions all over the world. I try to make my expeditions fun and exciting. Now it seems to be more difficult getting people out from behind the computer. I would love to do a Russian expedition in 2016 how awesome would that be. But again the problem is getting people out from their computer.

The events of September 6th of 2012 change my life forever. I am a firm believer in Bigfoot and a experienced hoaxer.

At the end of the day there's room for everyone in the Bigfoot community. I really believe that we should form a group and dedicate time to find answers as a real team.

I have made a new years resolution . I will distance myself from any and all instigators starting with the biggest one of them all Roy Gilliam. I will not respond to any hater spewing negativity. Believe it or not I'm not a negative person I'm a very happy positive person. I hate drama I want to start concentrating on the facts.

I love you all let's start a new chapter. This year is going to be off the chain.

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