Monday, August 4, 2014

Same O Crap From Randy Filipovic!

Monday, August 4, 2014

                As I said before I'm done with Bigfoot publicly!  

Rick's New Business and Other Stuff

Hi folks, sorry for the delay. Contrary to what Rick Dyer says, I do have a life. I spent the long weekend camping. No Bigfoot were spotted but I had fun exploring the area and enjoyed some frosty beverages.

I thought Rick said he was leaving.....for the
20th time. I see he wandered off to another good blog in order to tell the owner that I'm a liar. I keep asking Rick to prove where I have lied but he has failed to make an attempt at it. I back up what I say with everything you need, to show that what I say is truthful. 

Under normal circumstances I wouldn't even bother addressing this but I'll make an exception. Rick left the above comment on a blog named Laughably Serious. The blog owner is becoming a regular here and I enjoy his/her blog. Check it out when you have time. This is true ,I was ask to comment.  

 Rick also said the following on his blog.

Let's put this to rest once and for all. If you are unfamiliar with setting up a  website such as the one Rick set up, Wix requires a user name and it's usually associated with an email address. I know this because I set up a Wix page to follow the process.
  The user name "bigfoot252" is a user name and part of an email address. If this was mine ,I would be happy to say.. If you would like to give it to me please start the domain tranfer. 

Maybe I should provide some more evidence for you. As you can see, all of these have the same user name in the url and Dyer owns these.

I'll even offer more evidence. I think "Johnny" from the comment section provided this gem for us.

Here is the icing on the cake. I don't think GoDaddy is lying. Rick registered the domain July 1,2014. 

I'm sure Rick will try to refute the evidence but there is no way around this for him. I suspect he will come out of hiding in order to slander me some more. 
This domain isn't mine and can't understand why they would go to this extreme just to have something to talk about.  I have reported this to gadaddy... 

Speaking of hiding, here is Rick's place, the one he keeps so secret. I find it amusing that he calls me and others cowards, saying we hide behind keyboards. Rick does the same thing. He hides behind a keyboard and a video camera, so what is the difference here? My address has posted on many craigslist adds and will continue to be. the adds that don't show my address people will call or text for my address. All people has to do is ask. Let me explain the difference Randy.

Cowards - Hiding behind a keyboards, Sending other cowards to take a pics of my house from the road in their car.  From the look of it I was at home. I have posted video of my house. 

I went on tour with people knowing where I was and where I was going to be weeks in advance and dared haters to come out and talk with me. Did they?  Not really at the end of the tour I had a really old handicap man come to my booth but never said a word to me.

He hides from people he owes money and goods to, and that's worse. He is constantly on the move. Rick Dyer thats funny over 400 videos of my rants tagged with my location..Many people wish they could just move cross country and you only live once why not..Jealous ? If he had nothing to worry about or "broke no laws", he would be more stable and face the accusations head on. The only accusations are coming from this site! I don't know how Canada is but in the good ole USA YOU CAN'T RUN, YOU CAN'T HIDE and if you break the law than you will go to jail..........Even if you move 1000 times. In Randys world I'm wanted and on the run. Too Funny....  

   Do I have to make videos showing my face? Is that it? This blog isn't about me so I see no purpose in boring you with videos of me talking but maybe one day I'll make one just to shut up Rick, if that's possible.  

 If Rick Dyer owes you money and you need the law to pay him a visit, feel free to contact me or Steve Lane. Or you can just call them Direct like I did today. They know where i live to..   A BIG shit storm is coming! :)

Watch full screen. 


Anonymous said...

I support you Rick 100%

Anonymous said...

You do realize by now, as I'm sure your sister told you, that driving past someone's house and videoing is not against the law, right? How dumb are you?

Anonymous said...

I support you too Ricky. 100% The whole world is against us.

TT baby!!

Anonymous said...

A person drove over an hour to take a pic of Rick's house! Rick was right!