Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Robert Lindsey The most idiotic Blogger on the face of the planet.

Robert Lindsey is a lonely man who lives in California and blogs from his mothers house. His blog gained national attention only because Rick Dyer. I had Musky and other people in my organization go tell him crazy off-the-wall stuff because we knew that he would print it as fact. This guy has no morals no respect ,no investigation skills, and he wouldn't know a journalist if it fell in his lap. This man goes by hearsay and hearsay only. This is the same man in his own blogged and admitted 13-year-old girls are sexy. I don't want anything to do with this man at all. Frankly I find him sick and perverted with the intelligence of a Mexican cockroach. Anyone in the Bigfoot knows Robert Lindsey is easily controled. This man was on the record believing Hank telling people it was fact, reporting false stories like the FBI confiscated my computer
andI was arrested by the FBI. At the end of the day when all of his blogs turned out the BT total bullshit , he did like the rest of the Bigfoot community flip the script ignored it and started bashing Rick Dyer. This man tried to play both sides of the stick supporting and bashing me at the same time ,so no matter how it turned out he was right. He will go down in history is nothing more than a coattail rider.

I put another notch on my belt ,another coattail rider I swiftly kicked off...

Team Tracker is almost complete and my Bigfoot will be very soon. I know a whole new group of coattail riders are coming and this time I will be prepared!


Anonymous said...

The man looks like a vert! lol

Anonymous said...

Enough with non sense- show us the goods or shut up