Sunday, March 9, 2014

How to Control the Haters every move! Haters Made us famous :)

Haters come in all sizes all different shapes from all nationalities. These people thrive on pain and misery because their personal life is full of it. They come from broken homes or maybe these people we're  made fun of all their life . Most haters are single living by themselves or at home with parents. Some hater are overweight and even hate themselves. All haters hate their lives and and are so lonely they have way too much time on their hands, these people aren't members of any clubs or very sociable. But give them a keyboard in the computer and no consequences for their actions. They feel empowered. But make no mistake they would never come out from behind the safety of their keyboard! This makes them very easily controled. This is where I come in ,I release the tent video in September 2012 and being known for previous hoax, I had no chance of making it to mainstream without medical evidence. Very early on I noticed the haters analyzing all my videos Word for Word! 
I then did a couple of test to see if they would repeat everything I said. Oh man did it work. From that point on I knew that I could control the hate and the haters. I even made up a name and became a hater myself. To this day they haven't caught on and I'm one of the hierarchies of the hate. But forget about that. There is no such thing as bad media. Remember people I was involved in a hoax in 2008 but in 2012 to present, I've been the #1 Bigfoot story with absolutely no medical evidence.
The reason why controversy sells and it's sells in a big way. The haters brought that to the forefront by spending hours upon hours contacting every media source out there, this is what got the ball rolling.
One Australian station paid $6000 for an interview! We was floored!!!! They told there was so much controversy surrounding this they wanted to be the first to have a in-depth live interview! In a few short months that $6000 turned into $$$$$ and every interview since then we have charged! The funny part we found out quickly the mainstream media doesn't care if it's real ,it's just a good story! 100% of the media told us privately they thought it was fake but ingenious!  The only negative stories that has ever came out of this is from the people I wouldn't give a live interview to, but remember any media is good media. I have told several different stories from the beginning and I've also said from the beginning there will be many different stories but at the end of the day there will be a bigfoot body!
What is a Bigfoot? Is it a body of a creature that has as much evidence of the of its existence as a tooth fairy? Or is it just the rubber gorilla suit? Could all the Doctors ,scientist and taxidermists professionals that came to see the body be wrong? Could they have been fooled? Have you noticed when things die down a little something big happens, like people getting fired or kicked off the team? Have you notice all the hater blog post after that happened? Have you noticed the YouTube views on my account went up? Everything we do is strategically planned and that's how we control the haters!
Everything we do weeds out the fake followers no matter how long they've been following me supporting me and putting up with my bullshit their true colors will show in the end eg. JJ.....
The real supporters will be people that are there when the beginning comes! So with that being said this probably leaves more questions than answers! And the real funny thing about all this!!!!!

           If it's a real I win! If it's fake I still win!!! Only my real true supporters know the truth :)

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