Sunday, November 10, 2013

Con Man Frank Cali lies come full Circle! His last statement and our response!

Frank Cali 1:21pm Nov 10
As of tonight November 9, 203 I will no longer talk or have anything further to do with Bigfoot.LOL Again till the president calls him back to Air Force One. I came to try and help the people who got conned by Rick Dyer, as he conned me and some of my friends for a time. I did two 3 hour interviews to tell people how to get money back from Dyer my going directly to PayPal and most did. I got hat scum where it hurt the most. In his wallet. I did a written Q&A to inform people of the FBI Internet Crime Division to file a Federal complaint. FYI my Paypal is in good standing and People are welcome to make false reports on anyone. Welcome to America! The only reason he came out is because He got fired!

Now all of a sudden I am getting attacked by "some" people calling me liar and also calling my former position as a Federal employee into question.Frank Cali proved with out a doubt He lied.. Eg promoting Dyer for 6 months , selling the DVD and saying he saw the body! It is a 100% known fact that Frank Cali was never on Air Force One. He also lived with Fred Flintstone in Bedrock.   That I will not stand for. I think some maybe still be listing to Dyer and all his lies about me and Tom Stickle.We put out the truth  Tom Stickel has addiction with prostitutes To​m is a true gentleman and a fine person. I am glad to call him a friend. Pink also has been wonderful to me. She called me several times a day when I was in the ICU in Vegas. She might have, but I'm sure that she would get a kick of all the names you called her when she attacked you on air. After the show Frank Cali was so mad at pink he was crying!

When Dyer made that horrible statement about by son. That's when I really got mad. I gave my word to my son that I will do and have been doing all possible to get him behind bars in a Federal prison. I never brake a promise. His friend's at school heard Dyer make that statement about what happened to him. That shows what a scum he really is. I guess he is not aware that what he did is against the law. He will be finding out soon about that. The mix up came when Frank Cali told me that bad things happened to his son 9 days before I fired him and he admitted it was a lie. So i was only going by Franks own words! That is the worst kind of lies Frank!
The set the record straight tonight. I never worked for the FBI, but I do still have some people there I know. I never worked for the CIA. I never set foot in The White House. I worked a little a few miles father in DC. The people who matter to me know what I did and who I worked for. That's all that counts. But he always knows someone who does.. Frank Cali 100% Fake
People question me being terminally ill and even go as far as correct my spelling of it is out of line completely .I have only a very short time left on Earth now. Its time for me to spend my final holiday with those close to me.. Frank is a Con ... We are all dyeing but I can Warranty you Frank isn't any time soon! But just for fun the body will be released and we will have a party a day after Frank so called death!

May God keep protecting these beings in the forests I think God looks out for them and keeps them away from man as man can do harm to them. They are not meant to be with humans, People do come into their home ground. People like Dallas Gilbert, another true friend who help's these beings get to see them on a regular basis. They know he will never harm them or try to take advantage of them. The Bigfoot community has alot of growing up to do and I personally don't think that will happen anytime soon Also, there is a big battle coming with Dyer and all who appose him. He gets very dirty and will trash your name and he has done using my name on his blog to do it, I'm gone and the trashing is still happening. He just trashed me and Tom Stickle several times on his "show" and also on his blog. It was NOT me doing it. I only attack people whom attack me 1st! And yes I am ruthless ,but I always attack back with the truth..

Dyer never shot and killed a Bigfoot as now confirmed by Morgan Matthews. Never confirmed by anyone except the people who hate Rick Dyer Hey! Don't take my word for it, It will be widely know soon enough. A fake Bigfoot body as now been bought and that is what Dyer will be trying to pass off as the real thing. If he doesn't go though with it. He only has one other way out and I know what it will be. That I will keep to myself for now. It's always anything but Rick dyer has a body... True hater form

I wish you all good luck. That man is trouble and in need of a mental health profession​al. Like you can talk MR. Fake Air Force One! YABA DABA FUCKING DOO

I want to thank Randy, Rich, Tom Stickle, Pink, Dallas and Wayne and Steve Kulls for being so kind to me in my final months.An forget all the insults when it suited my agenda If I left anyone out, please pardon me as this is a most difficult night for me. I also want to thank the nice people who contacted me with support the past few weeks and also for the prayers sent to me. All 20 People

To the ones who got nasty and the name callers. I hope the other people see what kind of person you are to call a very ill man a liar. That takes nerve and I don't have and will not stand for it.

THIS MAN IS NOT SICK! HIS HEART IS JUST FINE NOW..... Well that's what the DR said in Vegas!  Frank thinks hes smart and just can slip away by coming up with a "I'm gonna Die Story"
I'm sure the haters are stupid enough to believe that.... Love It