Sunday, May 8, 2016

The world greatest Bigfoot Tracker is back on the hunt

On September 6th 2012 Rick Dyer shot a Bigfoot outside of San Antonio Texas fortunately a BBC film crew captured it all, Unfortunately the person who actually shot the creature is actually the king of hoaxes. In 2008 Dyer created the Bigfoot in a freezer hoax that captured the imagination of people around the world. Fast forward to 2014 Dyer benefited from a sold-out tour across America showing off another fake Bigfoot. Dyer still maintains that he did shoot a Bigfoot outside of to San Antonio Texas and they're 100% flesh and blood. Dyer has some very harsh critics when it comes to this incident.
Many people were involved including a major production company in Dyer's documentary "Shooting Bigfoot" and yet no one has disproved Dyer's claim.

2016: Dyer a successful business owner and family man in Daytona Beach, Fl has vowed no more hoaxing and will try to rebuild his image damaged by the hoaxing. Dyer's documentary "Shooting Bigfoot" has been shown on Destination America and Discovery Channel close to 80 times since September. Due to the massive success of this documentary a TV show is in the works and has been put on a fast-track by the production company.

Recently Dyer has purchased some land outside of Volusia County Florida that he has entitled  "Freedom Zone" A Skunk Ape / Bigfoot safe-zone. This summer he has plans to build a tree-house on property to conduct year around research. His goal is to communicate with Skunk Ape / Bigfoot. The property is adjacent to National Forest.

Dyer plans to attend other Bigfoot groups expeditions this year. He is also looking for new members for               Face book                                Bigfoot Hall Of Fame

Ohio Bigfoot conference and festival

When it comes to finding Bigfoot, the mysterious creature will always have the upper hand. “They are the boss of the woods. They can outsmart any of us when we’re around them,” said Marc DeWerth, the organizer of the Ohio Bigfoot Conference held each year at Salt Fork State Park. This year’s event will be held on Saturday, May 14, with a Bigfoot Festival taking place on Sunday, May 15. 

The conference, started in 1989 by Don Keating and held in Newcomerstown until 2004, moved to Salt Fork in 2005. The event has grown into the premier Bigfoot conference in the world and draws thousands of people from around the United States and beyond each year.

DeWerth became interested in Bigfoot in the late 1970s when he and his grandfather were watching an episode of the “In Search Of” television show about Bigfoot. “I asked my grandfather if he thought they were real and he said he thought they were,” said DeWerth who later went to the library to check out the book, “Sasquatch, Apes Among Us” by John Green. “There was a map in the book that showed Ohio had 17 sightings. From that day I was hooked.” 

It was his wife’s family reunion in 1989 in Tippecanoe that started DeWerth collecting Bigfoot stories as he began talking with people about the creatures and heard many stories from eyewitnesses. Since then, DeWerth has made public presentations,