Sunday, December 11, 2016

Bigfoot Legend and TV Star Dallas Gilbert dead at 67

Bigfoot Hunter and TV star Dallas Gilbert has died at 67. He will be missed. He was inducted in the
Bigfoot hall of fame with his best friend Wayne Burton in 2015 .

              You will be missed and we will always love you Dallas! Till we meet again 

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Breaking News: The first African-American Bigfoot Tracker heads to the FL Bigfoot Habituation Site

"Birdman" the first African-American Bigfoot Tracker heads to the FL Bigfoot Habituation Site with
Bigfoot Master Tracker Rick Dyer and the Property Owners in hopes of giving he's first Bigfoot experience. Dyer says " If you haven't had a experience it's had for you to dedicate your time to this."
We will have his reaction when/if it's released.


Monday, October 24, 2016

Rick Dyer and the Florida Bigfoot habituation site

Is the most active Bigfoot habituation site  located in Central Florida? Privately owned land in the close vicinity of protected land lies the Bigfoot habituation site.

We brought you the story of the Florida Bigfoot habituation site a couple days ago. Our mailbox is filled with questions on this topic.

Here are some of the most popular questions sent by the Bigfoot community and enthusiast.

Q. If this is true why in the world would someone choose a person like you (Rick Dyer) with a hoaxing past to bring this public.

A. I first met the landowners back in 2014  during my tour stop in Daytona Beach. Unfortunately I was concentrating on filling my pockets. I was a totally different person back then. The landowners were very persistent, contacting almost monthly with the same wild stories about Bigfoot in their backyard and how they communicate with them. I thought back to Mineola Texas and how that story was bs. I wasted days in Mineola pretending something was there. I've tried my best to avoid them when I moved to Daytona Beach. Earlier this month I was sitting behind my desk and they both walked into my office and asked if they could talk to me. I was about to blow up and tell them I did not like them coming to my place of business but before I could get that out one of the landowners said they supported me since day one and all I wanted to do was share their findings with me. I told them that if you're looking for someone to do a hoax with .... I'm not your guy anymore. A smile came over their face and She said all I would like you to do is come out and share what we're experiencing . I asked them why would they want to share this with me giving my past it just doesn't make any sense. They told me everyone lies and they for one we're happy that I lied about killing one. They knew the Tent Video was real and they like me as a person. They also said that given all my lies that I was probably the most honest person in Bigfoot because I admitted my lies and flaws, that's something you don't see in the Bigfoot community. Most people care about having a radio show every week talking about real Hunters or how many conventions they can attend. I agreed to go out to the property with conditions. I really didn't know if they were going to kill me and hang me from a tree.

Q. Did you physically see a Bigfoot?

A. Yes and 2 with me seen several Bigfoot together for long periods of time.

Q. Do you plan on killing one to prove their existence.

A. On September 6th 2012  I saw one, I shot at one and thank God I didn't kill one. So your answer is absolutely positively no I would never harm a Bigfoot in any way she perform and would use deadly force to prevent anyone from doing so.

Q. Did you take any pictures and where will proof be released.

A. There's no need to take pictures when you're right there feet from them. I'm not special anyone including scientist  can go out with the owners to experience this. The owners have a catalog of pictures and video over the years. Their logs are very detailed. Proof will be released by third-party credible professionals in their field. Everything is up to the property owner / host. I'm just happy that I was chosen for this monumental discovery.

Q. Are you ready for the haters.

A. Any hater will be promptly blocked and ignored. I needed free advertisement in 08 and 14 because most of it was a lie. This is totally different... This will speak for itself.

Q. You know no one's going to believe you?

A. Not asking anyone to believe, get their hopes up, buy a DVD or to give me money. I just want people to be safe while in the Florida Woods.

It's very important that you don't try to approach these creatures. These are wild animals and you don't know exactly what they would do. Please understand they are capable of ripping you in half if they chose to do so.

I wanted to share one more thing we were about 30 miles away from the site we passed a house in the middle of nowhere on a dirt road with a huge Bigfoot cut out in their driveway while looking for migration trails.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Breaking News: Bigfoot/SkunkApe habituation site has been located in Central Florida

We decided to release this for Public Safety and the protection of these creatures.

Warning if you stumble upon this site and try to harm the creatures in any way we will protect them any means necessary including lethal Force.

Evidence will be released through many credible third-party sources.

Central Florida Bigfoot/SkunkApe Research Habituation Site
Central Florida - October 18, 2016
Bigfoot/SkunkApe habituation site has been located in Central Florida off of S.R.40 West of Ormond Beach, FL. The exact site location must remain confidential until further notice, because of unwanted traffic. & the undisclosed property owner/host hereby offer this Press Release for the purpose of Public awarenessthat from our experience with these creatures thus far, they seem to be harmless, but we strongly recommend safety measure to anyone who might come in contact with them, as one should with any wild animal.

Controversial figure and Master Bigfoot/SkunkApe Tracker, Rick Dyer along with several collegues are presently investigating and have confirmed on two occasions so far at this particular location, Bigfoot/SkunkApe sightings & property owner/host direct communication with several of these creatures. What we have witnessed in the past few days the property owners have experienced for years.

This is the biggest discovery in history and will prove the existance of this creature.

Rick Dyer Ormond Beach, FL

Saturday, July 2, 2016

David Stumpf releases new picture of Bigfoot!

Before you pass judgement of this video you must ask yourself some questions.

Do you have the skills to conduct a  investigation?

Do you have the funds to travel to the sight and investigate?

Have you interviewed any whiteness?

Can you be open minded?

Can you make a unpopular dissensions public?

You can't make a judgement if you don't have the skill set or the funds to do so.

This is one of the reasons why Bigfoot isn't taken seriously. I see all kinds of groups and panels

trying to prove or disprove someone with out a full investigation.

Monday, June 27, 2016

The Adventures of Rick and Biff filming locations

The Adventures of Rick and Biff has announced some of their upcoming confirmed filming locations.

Cartersville, Georgia

Coeburn (Knob) , Virginia

Waynesboro, Virginia

Uniontown, Pennsylvania

Arkwright, New York

More to be announced later this week! 

Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Adventures of Rick & Biff will start filming next month

Move aside Finding Bigfoot.. The Adventures of Rick and Biff is scheduled to begin filming in Late July. If you live in eastern United States If you would like to be on the show and can be available on July 25th Ga, 26th Tn, 27th SC,28th NC contact us via our fan page.



Fan Page

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The world greatest Bigfoot Tracker is back on the hunt

On September 6th 2012 Rick Dyer shot a Bigfoot outside of San Antonio Texas fortunately a BBC film crew captured it all, Unfortunately the person who actually shot the creature is actually the king of hoaxes. In 2008 Dyer created the Bigfoot in a freezer hoax that captured the imagination of people around the world. Fast forward to 2014 Dyer benefited from a sold-out tour across America showing off another fake Bigfoot. Dyer still maintains that he did shoot a Bigfoot outside of to San Antonio Texas and they're 100% flesh and blood. Dyer has some very harsh critics when it comes to this incident.
Many people were involved including a major production company in Dyer's documentary "Shooting Bigfoot" and yet no one has disproved Dyer's claim.

2016: Dyer a successful business owner and family man in Daytona Beach, Fl has vowed no more hoaxing and will try to rebuild his image damaged by the hoaxing. Dyer's documentary "Shooting Bigfoot" has been shown on Destination America and Discovery Channel close to 80 times since September. Due to the massive success of this documentary a TV show is in the works and has been put on a fast-track by the production company.

Recently Dyer has purchased some land outside of Volusia County Florida that he has entitled  "Freedom Zone" A Skunk Ape / Bigfoot safe-zone. This summer he has plans to build a tree-house on property to conduct year around research. His goal is to communicate with Skunk Ape / Bigfoot. The property is adjacent to National Forest.

Dyer plans to attend other Bigfoot groups expeditions this year. He is also looking for new members for               Face book                                Bigfoot Hall Of Fame

Ohio Bigfoot conference and festival

When it comes to finding Bigfoot, the mysterious creature will always have the upper hand. “They are the boss of the woods. They can outsmart any of us when we’re around them,” said Marc DeWerth, the organizer of the Ohio Bigfoot Conference held each year at Salt Fork State Park. This year’s event will be held on Saturday, May 14, with a Bigfoot Festival taking place on Sunday, May 15. 

The conference, started in 1989 by Don Keating and held in Newcomerstown until 2004, moved to Salt Fork in 2005. The event has grown into the premier Bigfoot conference in the world and draws thousands of people from around the United States and beyond each year.

DeWerth became interested in Bigfoot in the late 1970s when he and his grandfather were watching an episode of the “In Search Of” television show about Bigfoot. “I asked my grandfather if he thought they were real and he said he thought they were,” said DeWerth who later went to the library to check out the book, “Sasquatch, Apes Among Us” by John Green. “There was a map in the book that showed Ohio had 17 sightings. From that day I was hooked.” 

It was his wife’s family reunion in 1989 in Tippecanoe that started DeWerth collecting Bigfoot stories as he began talking with people about the creatures and heard many stories from eyewitnesses. Since then, DeWerth has made public presentations,

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hoaxers, Psychopaths and the so-called credible people! Welcome to the Bigfoot community

As you probably will notice my writing skills are below par. I do however get the point across, so enjoy my incoherent ranting of the truth.

While sitting at home this Sunday I'm became somewhat inspired to write about the Bigfoot community as I see it. I feel the need to publish what I've seen in this community the past 8 years.

My name is Rick Dyer if you don't know me then you're not in the Bigfoot community. You see everyone has their own agenda in the bigfoot community and everyone belongs to a certain click. So basically a bunch of spineless people that don't want to piss off certain people in fear they will be blackballed in the community. You have no idea how many times someone has asked me "please don't tell anyone we talk" or "let's keep our conversations between me and you". I usually get off the phone and start cracking up because even though I'm the most hated, I'm also the most popular and I've been on TV more than any other Bigfoot personality probably combined with the exception of the Finding Bigfoot cast. 2016 will be my biggest year yet and I did it all blackballed from the Bigfoot community. Ass kissing and clicking don't get you noticed being different being a leader and not a follower will provide the best outcome . Stacy Brown Jr is one of the very few that doesn't take any shit from anyone and does his own thing and what do you know he's successful. Other notable mentions Rictor Riolo my wife and I spent some time with him last summer in Las Vegas and boy did we have a good time.

I consider myself the most truthful person in the Bigfoot community. Did you know after all these years I am the only person that has ever publicly admitted hoaxing! Crazy but true... I put Bigfoot back on the map in 2008 .Networks and production companies saw how profitable Bigfoot was because of my 2008 Bigfoot hoax.

Money is the root of all evil in the Bigfoot community. I hear everyday about credibility. Who is a real researcher who isn't. The truth of the matter is real researchers don't have websites or advertise expeditions they do it because they love it and they keep it to themselves. Every researcher out there is motivated by one of two things money or fame. Whomever denies this is a liar plain and simple.

Trying to please everyone is a route that some people take. Tim Fasano is one of these people. The man is a real researcher and is a real asset to the Bigfoot community. With over a thousand Bigfoot videos and thousands of hours out in the field ,he is still look down upon in the Bigfoot community. To be completely honest he is one of the very few people I look up to when it comes to field work and boots on the ground.

Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum is probably the most "credible" person in the Bigfoot community.
He falls in both categories money and fame.
If you want Dr. Jeff Meldrum to come and speak about Bigfoot you better have deep pockets because you will be paying airfare Hotel and at least $1,500 for an hour. There's a little known fact Dr. Jeff Meldrum had a chance to see the real Bigfoot body in Las Vegas but required $10,000 to do so. Don't think I'm just picking on him many people try to make a living off Bigfoot like Loren Coleman and many others in the community some are just better than others.

Don't get me wrong you can still care about Bigfoot , be a believer and be in it for money and fame. The problem I have is when people say "I'm only in it to find the truth not for money or fame".

The community is a place for people to gather and share their experiences about Bigfoot, Well in a perfect world that would be the case. A new person in the Bigfoot community has very few options they will tell you who to like , who to hate and what to believe depending on which click they stumble across. I've met some wonderful people in the Bigfoot community that has improved my life significantly. I've also met the most disgusting and mentally disturbed people in the community.

Many lonely people join the Bigfoot community to have someone to talk to for companionship in a weird sort of way. Their mind gets wrapped up because they think they are fighting for a cause. These people never been apart of anything in their life. It's a new experience they have friends now it seems they have a life and it's very addictive like a drug to these people. I've had people come out to my house and take pictures of my wife and kids. Ive even had some of these people in my own group. I've had these people look me in the eye and tell me that they would die for me and that I've saved their lives. These are the same people that will have a knife buried in your back as soon as you turn around. Don't get me wrong, it's only about 25% of the people in the Bigfoot community that are like this and go to the extreme. For the most part most people are harmless.

The art of going on an expedition. I've attended are hosted over a hundred Bigfoot expeditions all over the world. I try to make my expeditions fun and exciting. Now it seems to be more difficult getting people out from behind the computer. I would love to do a Russian expedition in 2016 how awesome would that be. But again the problem is getting people out from their computer.

The events of September 6th of 2012 change my life forever. I am a firm believer in Bigfoot and a experienced hoaxer.

At the end of the day there's room for everyone in the Bigfoot community. I really believe that we should form a group and dedicate time to find answers as a real team.

I have made a new years resolution . I will distance myself from any and all instigators starting with the biggest one of them all Roy Gilliam. I will not respond to any hater spewing negativity. Believe it or not I'm not a negative person I'm a very happy positive person. I hate drama I want to start concentrating on the facts.

I love you all let's start a new chapter. This year is going to be off the chain.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

The SOHA crazy train has left the station

It's true the crazy train has left the station. Onboard you will find interdimensional portals, Red Eyed Demon monsters and coattail riders like Michael Merchant who just can't seem to find his niche in the community.

Merchant was quoted asking "how can you believe in Bigfoot and think interdimensional portals are crazy" as he goes on supporting this craziness that's happening in Oregon. He's not supporting it because he believes it he's supporting it because he gets two more hits on his declining YouTube channel.
                                                                         Rick Dyer
Very soon Rick Dyer will be traveling to Dr. Matthew Johnson's SOHA for a complete investigation with others from the Bigfoot community. 

                                                                     Dr. Johnson