Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The "GOD FATHER Of BIGFOOT" Tom Biscardi is back on the hunt

Rick Dyer & Justin Smeja The Ultimate Bigfoot Expedition

Kayak Expedition 
8-29-15 – through 9-04-15 
Northern California 
Trinity/Humbolt County Area
Do not miss this exciting and unique Kayak expedition in Northern California coming in August featuring Bigfoot legends Justin Smeja and Rick Dyer. There will be no cost for participants. However, all expedition members are responsible for their own transportation, Kayak, equipment, food, and other supplies.
Be advised: This expedition will be conducted in a “living off the land” manner and is not for the physically or emotionally weak.

Justin Smeja is a star from Spike TV’s "Bigfoot Bounty" and the documentary film “Dead Bigfoot – A true Story.” He has also appeared on many other Bigfoot related television programs. Smeja is an expert outdoorsman and an avid hunter. He claims to have shot multiple Bigfoot creatures in the foothills of California’s Sierra Mountains.

Rick Dyer starred in BBC's highest rated documentary "Shooting Bigfoot" and is the creator of two international Bigfoot hoaxes. His 2008 "Bigfoot in the freezer" hoax gained international attention and in 2014 he conducted the sold out "Hank the Dead Bigfoot Tour" in which he toured the American Southwest with a Bigfoot mannequin. Dyer also claims that he shot and killed a living Bigfoot on September 6, 2012 which was the climax of the film “Shooting Bigfoot"