Sunday, January 11, 2015

Breaking News!! Rick Dyer Pulled out of the Skunk Ape Convention

Rick Dyer has Pulled out of the Skunk Ape Convention

      Over a week ago I was asked by Stacy Brown to be one of the speakers at the Skunk Ape Convention. When Stacy told me who was going to be there I asked him make sure it's okay with the other speakers before I commit. After I seen that Stacy was getting a lot of backlash I told Stacy that I would step down a couple of days ago because I didn't want to cause any trouble when I was doing it as a favor. Today he told me that pressure got to one of the speakers and they backed out. That is when I decided to back out. I did it because I've been drama free for a couple months now and it feels so good. When I heard from Stacy that no one had a problem with me being there, I knew better than that. Regardless I hope everything goes well.

I am by far the most popular person in the Bigfoot Community and the most hated. Things like this goes with the territory. 

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