Sunday, December 14, 2014

UK. Knock Knock it's Bigfoot

On Saturday, a man in Kingsport called police to report hearing a violent knock at his home at around 11 p.m. The man told the police dispatcher that he armed himself with a knife after someone or something outside banged on his house so hard that a picture fell off of his wall inside. He added that he couldn't see anyone or anything outside, reports Johnson City Press.
An officer was sent to investigate the scene by the home off Bloomingdale Road, however no prowler was ever located, which led the complainant to reason that the thing responsible for the noise "was Bigfoot."

Meanwhile, a Bigfoot enthusiast recently claimed to have captured the
mysterious beast crying out in the Lincolnshire woods in Great Britain.

On Dec. 2, Sasquatch fanatic Adam Bird uploaded a YouTube video that he says captures the sounds of a Bigfoot on film back in June while he was searching for the creature.
"We stayed there for a few hours that day and felt watched and followed the whole time," Bird told the UK Mirror.
In addition to taping Bigfoot's roar, Bird, who is the co-founder of the British Bigfoot Research organization, says he spotted a shadowy figure lurking in the woods in his photos and videos.
"My investigators and I were tipped off that this small patch of woodland in Friskney could be a hotspot for Bigfoot beasts. There is at least one reported sighting here, so we decided to check it out. We stayed there for a few hours that day and felt watched and followed the whole time," he said. "I took various photographs throughout the investigation and when I checked back through them I spotted the creepy picture. It looks like a shadowy figure stood within the trees staring at us from afar."
Watch the video below.

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