Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Does New Zealand have a Bigfoot?

Folklore telling of "Bigfoot" type creatures can be found all over the world.  New Zealand is no exception.  The legend of the "Moehau" tells of a large, half man, half ape creature with extremely long fingers and long talons at the tips. Aggressive and vicious, the Moehau is said to be able to crush any strong Maori warrior with ease, just using their large, powerful hands.
According to an article from the New Zealand Cryptozoologist:
"Moehau are depicted as being as tall as a man, completely hair covered, with marginally ape-like facial features. The primary difference from human appearance being the extremely long fingers, tipped with sharp talons, capable of tearing apart the toughest prey. Often described as “Manimals”."
Also interesting to note:
"Many areas of New Zealand are named for these great hairy man beasts, Moehau Mountain, where they are believed to reside and people are cautioned against going up there is one such place."
To learn more about the legend of the Moehau, visit the New Zealand Cryptozoologist at the link below.

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