Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Breaking News!!! Bigfoot Stars Michael Merchant and Rictor Riolo hooked up says multiple sources

We all know that Rictor is a very friendly person and when I was forwarded the pictures  we didn't think much of it at all. We did contact Rictor by hangouts for a comment . We asked him was their any truth to these allegations. He stated "What allegations??" Did you have a sexual relationship with Merchant? Then his face turned beat red and I knew something was up! He then ended the hangout by saying "I don't kiss and tell". Needless to say I was floored  and wanted to find out a little more.
I also emailed and called Merchant and after cursing me out said "It's none of your bussiness what happened between Him and Rictor...(His wife was yelling in the background) " The man was very upset that we found this out.

* He is always making videos about Rictor and posting about him in his Zen yeti group. Do a search in Zen Yeti fpr "Rictor" and see how many times Michael Merchant is talking about his beloved Rictor.

                                               You may remember him from this!
                                  **** He calls Jesus a Zombie Flying Jew

We never attack anyone whom doesn't attack us 1st but the past 3 months I've let things slide when it comes to him so you can imagine how happy I was when this came in. We all know that Rictor is openly gay and we think thats great but for a person that hinds it from his wife ! We think thats Dangerous....

 Maybe we can make a Christmas song out of this......  I saw Merchant kissing Riiiiiiiccctor underneath the Zen Yetiiiii Tree..

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Anonymous said...

Oh what a laugh that would have been
if his wife had only seen.
Merchant kissing Rictor last night.