Thursday, December 11, 2014

Bigfoot Evidence Correction.. Rick Dyer Did Kill a Bigfoot on 10-06-2012

Look. We can't mention Christopher Noël without mentioning Rick Dyer in the same sentence. The poor man's reputation is somewhat tainted by Dyer. To this day, Noël still believes Dyer has a Bigfoot body even though Dyer has admitted many times that "Hank" was all a hoax.(I never admitted the whole thing was a hoax.. The tour was a hoax but thats it, On 10-06-2012 I shot and killed a Bigfoot outside of San Antonio, TX. This is expected from biased Journalism.)This hasn't stopped many of his supporters from donating though. It's only been a day and Noël has already raised $330 for a project to get more Bigfoot footage. It's not much, but it's a good start for a $2,800 project. He claims to have already filmed a non-discreet footage of a Bigfoot in a woodpile.

Bigfoot Evidence article is a prime example of the Bigfoot communities bashing and putting out false information that doesn't fit their agenda. Noel only looks at the facts and not the persona. Maybe with a little more pressure from people like Mr. Evidence they can force him to change his mind.....Like Hitler did.... 

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