Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Squatchdetective Steve Kulls Breaks the law!

Steve Kulls of Troy, NY takes pride in publishing people addresses and putting their family in danger a long with convicted sex offender Randy FilipovicWhen this was sent to us by Mr. Z we felt we needed to take action. We contacted the New York Department of state to verify Kulls documents.
New York Department of state did legitimize them. They also stated that his licenses were revoked in May of 2006. After may of 2006 he could no longer claim or work as a PI in any capacity NY. Late today we provided audio, video and written evidence that for the past 8 years he's been impersonating  a private investigator. New York Department of state said they would open an investigation. We also contacted the Troy, NY police department and made a report. We are awaiting a call from a detective. Kulls moves from motel to motel so it's kind of hard to locate his address..

Also note his DL was issued in 2004 and the expiration date is covered! Due to Child support issues.

Much more on Mr.Kulls and Mr. Filipovic soon.

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