Monday, July 28, 2014

WOW... More Crazy Lies from Pervert Randy Filipovic

Not much to say but 100% lie, Why would I attempt to start anything with people like this around! .......No Clue!! It has been fun people! But I'm gone ....Had to ster up the hornets nest... so they should be good for a couple of months! :)

Rick Dyer's New Scam...Er, Business

The cat was let out of the bag yesterday in the comments section regarding Dyer's latest Plasti-Dip venture. The person obviously has done his or her own searching. We came upon this about two weeks ago but we had it simmering on the back burner until the time was right. No time like the present. Unfortunately Rick pulled down the website for some inexplicable reason.
He has lost me here! I have used the Dip and it's pretty good like I said in my Video...

I have no problem with a person
trying to make an honest dollar for a hard day's work but when it involves deception, that dollar is no longer an honest one. On the now missing website, Rick said the company has five years of experience with the Plasti-dip process and Freezer Boy even provided photos proving his experience.

Below is a screen shot with the url (site removed) WOW have no idea what he's talking about! 

Here is a screen shot of his Facebook page for the "company", along with a link:Atlanta Auto Customs...... We have no clue! Randy has lost it! I'm gonna mess this!
Are there any words in the English language over two syllables that Rick gets right? "Automotive customisation". Spell check is your friend, cement head.

One screen shot of his now defunct web page. 100% Not mine!

Take a look at the FJ Cruiser on the right, it looks nice,doesn't it?

Part of the text is chopped off but Dyer claims this is one of the dipped vehicles he (they) did on the above FJ Cruiser. If you had no idea who Rick Dyer is, you might take this as fact.

It doesn't seem to matter if it's Bigfoot, buying Corvettes, or plasti-dipping vehicles, Rick Dyer lies about everything.

Now we will show you the deception. Are you ready?

Nice FJ but have no clue what he is talking about!  He is drunk or on drugs

WOW! This FJ Cruiser looks just like the one from Rick's failed website/business. Actually, it is the same FJ and Rick swiped it from this page:  FJ Cruiser Forums
  The FJ owner dipped this himself back in 2013. Please, click the link and check it out for yourselves.

Let's talk about the color chromed supercars from Dyer's imaginary business, shall we?

If you have a supercar or other exotic vehicle, don't take it to Rick. You might want to take it to the company that actually did the chrome wraps:  Alsa Corporation
    Rick has the same photo on his Facebook page as well.

Rick also has a photo of a nice little blue car that was plasti dipped. It's a bit strange that he only chose one photo to "show his work".

The photo appears to be innocent enough unless you know it was stolen in order to mislead people.

I know, according to Rick I make up lies, so here is another link: Dip of the Month
The facts are in every link, folks.

I'm sure Rick will say he never said the photos are his BUT he did say on the site that these are examples of their work. THAT is a lie, and a blatant one.

I thought Rick said he never breaks the law. Misrepresentation is illegal, just the same as fraud is illegal.

How many of you caught the lie festival last night? That was quite the slap in the faces of the 27...I mean 80...oops, 130 people who bought 'After The Shot'. That's the DVD that was supposed to show 45-50 minutes of clear HD footage of a real dead Bigfoot, and those poor souls paid $129 or more for it. Rick can bitch, moan and get all red faced all he wants, he committed fraud and he was caught.

Everyone saw the HD last night  ...... Every thing here is a lie...WOW RANDY Do a better job and don't just Rush to get something out!

 Rick even said there was no way anyone would file a civil suit against him for a DVD. He knows this so he continues to fleece people a few dollars at a time. WAKE UP!!!!! Rick Dyer doesn't give a shit about anyone except for Rick Dyer.

LOL , So funny if Randy only knew........
His lame attempt at saying he baited me was silly. How did he bait me? The reason Rick is copying and pasting my blog posts is because he is not in control. He never was. We have been five steps ahead of him for a long, long time, and he hates that. He wants to be free to carry on with his scams with  no questions from anyone. That's a fact. How many people has Rick thrown under the bus since 2012? ALL of them.

Not one person every said anything bad about me till I fired them or kicked them off the team..! Try again Randy
Keep that in mind Mr. Tim Fricke, because one day your turn will come. Rick needs other people to get their hands dirty so he can feel better about what he is doing...committing crimes. I've poked fun at Tim but I wish he would wake up and see what's really going on here.
  Matt Whitton lost his job over the 2008 hoax, so Mr. Fricke might want to keep that in the back of his mind before he gets in too deep. This isn't a threat of any sort, it's friendly advice from one adversary to another.
  If Tim wants to ignore my advice that's fine, he just better not say nobody warned him.

Matt Whitton also got his job back and a $300k Settlement!

We will have some more exciting stuff coming up in the next week.

Thanks to all of the help from my friends behind the scenes that make blog posts like this one possible. A big thanks to all of you crazy misfits for making this blog a fun and hilarious place to be. All of you rock!

Yes we thank you!!! I am gonna miss this!! 

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