Friday, July 11, 2014

Reminiscing on my past Bigfoot escapades

I'm sitting here with some friends reminiscing on my past Bigfoot escapades. A friend of mine spoke up with a smile and said "  The reason why your people turned on you so quick after they couldn't get nothing else out of you is because those people  are the same kind of people that you call haters" . That comment stop me in my tracks and I thought about it. I quickly realized how right he was.
I just didn't see it at the time because I thought these guys were my friends. 99% of the haters are lonely ,jealous , unsuccessful, broke, Not happy with their current situation and even a little suicidal. I will give you some examples.. 

Frank Cali was The president of Team Tracker he is a very lonely man and had aspirations of being someone important all his life but failed.. So what does he do he orders and Air Force One jacket and hat from the gift store and said he used to work for the president. Hes a very hateful man ,he was up all night and day trying to find negative stuff to post about the haters every day none stop. His marriage failed and living in an old folks retirement home. Damn do I know how to pick them.. Later  on  he would go on to say he was dying and only had three months to live almost a year later he still in good health. Frank was fired for being too aggressive with other tracker members and then he flipped script and all his time energy wad focused on hating on me. Today he Is even more lonely but he still has that Pres. fantasy.

Andrew Clacy from Australia when I met him he seem like a person with a successful business very smart guy but after a month in late 2012 I realized all that was front. Andrew later claim I tricked him And ruin his business and his reputation. The truth is ..two months before we met his car was repossessed . He lived with his son in a two bedroom apartment in Australia which they was in the process of being kicked out. He had two clients making about $500 a month. Whatever he made he sent to a girl in Africa that kept promising she would come over. When Andrew arrive I never seen a person so happy he came here penniless  and abused. He credited me with saving him from the abuse he endured by his son. At the end of the day he
made $12,000 in three months .When things didn't go the way we expected he flipped script and started hating on me. Now he lives with his parents back in Australia still struggling still broke  but now he's openly bisexual and there's nothing wrong with that I'm glad he found the strength to admit it. This man has spread awful lies about me ,I hope and pray he is getting his life back together or someday soon. This guy puts the C in Cunt , Coward and the B in Backstabber.

Dale Boswell is another person that didn't get to fulfill his goal in life to be a mainstream country singer even though he hung out with the best and country music. This is another one falling on hard financial times depending on his wife support him. This was really the last one I expected but when I confronted him about his wife having an unhealthy problem he flip the script. I also found plenty of conversations with him and Andrew speaking badly about me behind my back but too much of a coward to say these things in my face. The reason no one would ever bring up these things to my face because they all were lies.
With his voice done for because of a medical condition and his wife very unsupportive his career is over. Bill also credited me with saving his life.

Lynk Paul made close to $7000 in total and being from a Third World country that was a lot and if it wasn't for me he would never got his visa being broke with no job .This man always praised himself on being the best that everything he does but yet he had nothing living with his mother and father-in-law in Trinidad. This guy was another that let his wife support him. He got off the bus in pursuit of another Bigfoot and because at the beginning of the tour money was slow to be made. I finally cut ties with him in San Antonio Texas. Lynk is back in Trinidad still living with his mother in law with no job.

I should've paid Lynk and Andrew a little at a time and not in advance all it once...

Jason Judd is the team tracker remember that cried like a baby live on air because he was kicked off the team.
This man a "loaner" because his marriage was falling apart due to infidelity that Jason can't deal with ,so he takes his problems and drowns them away. For some reason he thinks he's so intelligent. I remember when Lynk and him argued about who is smarter. At the end Jason was kicked off the team for second time. He spends most of his days talking shit about me on the Internet.

Craig Phillips I was the closest to and I was very hard on Craig trying to improve mental state. The only reason I did that is because he told me that I also saved his life so I was trying to change his life for the better. We had some deep conversations and I know I probably made some mistakes, and I do apologize to him. Craig is the only one that would ever be allowed back in TT.

Rick Dyer... man I could go all day about this guy..lo. I made a lot of mistakes throughout this escapade. I lied to people that didn't deserve it(none of them are mentioned here). It was needed to fulfill this goal of the 2014 hoax. This hoax has made tons of money but I have been paying tons of money back and will continue to do so. My life has always wonderful and busy trust me never lonely with seven kids. The tour I don't regret not one bit, I met many wonderful people that are still my friends to this day. January 15 , 2015 will change my history forever. I am the best Bigfoot Hunter in the world and it will be proven to the world.

It's funny I see now that they were haters from the beginning. I am still the number one subject in their lives..

The New TT is a group of people that don't give a fuck about if I have a real one not.. They are my friends they all have lives jobs kids grandkids careers a life. Their lives don't revolve around my Bigfoot.. They have no sick attraction to anything just a good bunch of people. 
Most of the old TT was no better than a hater lonely, sick, disgusting jealous people.. We will keep going strong and growing but we will do it very carefully and slow this time.

Lets move on and piss more people off with the truth! 

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