Friday, July 25, 2014

Randy Filipovic needs mental help for his addiction to Rick Dyer UPDATED

This is what Randy posted Today ;)

After The Shot DVD: No Reviews?

It wasn't long ago that Dyer said people were sent their DVD. I wonder if the DVD contains 45-50 minutes of HD footage of a real dead Bigfoot. I'm quite certain the DVD does NOT contain any such footage otherwise there would be rave reviews online and Rick would be rubbing it in our faces.
Man it is getting sickening how Randy follows me. Get a life Bro...I forgot I am your life! 

He never made any retractions saying the real dead Bigfoot had been cut from the DVD. Who the hell would pay $129 or $199 for a disc that does not have such outstanding content? Rick Dyer hasn't misled people has he? He wouldn't lie to his "friends"...or would he?

Where are those eighty people weighing in and telling us "we told you so"? The only person to say anything so far is Tim Fricke and he said it was "awesome" without going in to any detail about the contents. It could have been THE perfect time to promote this pile of garbage.

Marketing of the DVD is dismal now. Rick has a link on his SquareUp store selling this junk but there is absolutely no description of the content. No teasers or anything.
All we see is Rick's huge head. 

If the DVD is such a big deal to Randy and the rest of the perverts , I don't
know why he just doesn't buy one...In fact of the matter is Randy is jealous. No matter what he did to defame me...It failed!  Randy is a loner who is into medieval dress up.. Yes he wears make up...and he likes it. He has never had so many friends in his whole life, he just can't let it go.. He can't let me go.
Look at Randy's life before ,a Canadian Sex offender with no real friends. Then comes Rick Dyer! Randy tried to join Team Tracker but was rejected then he said he would start a site that would tell nothing but lies about me...I encouraged that... Now he has internet friends non of witch he has ever met. He feels like a leader for the 1st time in his life Almost 50 years! He is
a leader of sort... He leads Cowards ,Sex Offenders and Loners.. Thats Randy!
No one really wants to leave feedback, I don't blame them... Anyone who says
someone positive about me is heavily attacked. The day last DVD's goes out it will be posted on youtube. Till this day we still sale at least one a week.

1st it was ''the DVD don't exist''.....Then ''he will never ship them''...Now it's ''It's not the right footage" Folks it will always be something with this vert...
Oh well I can't say I don't enjoy people spending time on me! 

Why is Freezer Boy using some site I have never

heard of? Dyer is, or was, a long time PayPal user. He said many times that the issues with PayPal were not his fault and he also said he got it all straightened out with them. Is that a fact?

You never heard of Square? where have you been... We use Square because you get the money the next day with out the problems of Paypal.  We also have a mobile app with slider that we used on the tour. With Square you can also receive large amounts without fear it would be held! Unlike Paypal  

  I went to Rick's site and had a look. What I found wasn't surprising.

Here is proof that I closed this  account! You can't send money to a closed acct.
      It's not just me people check this out !

As far as paypal goes I do have a acct for small stuff  eg..ebay but don't use Paypal for anything else. Randy failed to mention that!

Lets go deeper , He loves to bring up my false arrests in 2010 for ebay related sales of over $30,000 I was un aware that someone stole my ebay acct and re-listed some of my old cars  . Due to the fact I was out of the country and couldn't be contacted ,to my surprise I was arrested upon reentering the country.. The charge was dropped a very short time later . Randy only report 1% to make me look as bad as possible..... 

This is Randy Blog about one of my current ebay accts... ......BUT RANDY if I stole 30k how would I have another selling high value items??? OMG with good feedback..if it was bad feed back , he would report that!

Please don't tell me Rick lied again!
Hear he has admitted he has lied in the past! No way. Okay, I made that part up. Of course he lied, he always lies.  I'm willing to bet those DVDs aren't individually numbered and have multiple layers of security either. 

Nope no need to anymore things change ! :)

Maybe one day we'll find out what is on the DVD. Whatever it is, it must not be noteworthy. If nothing is on the tape well "He Lied" if something is on the tape 'Its Fake" You see where i'm going with this? No good footage will be released till after the body is out.....IF THE BODY COMES OUT!

Oh, one more thing before I go. I wasn't even going to talk about this because it's so silly but I would hate to see decent folks waste $80 on a crappy drone. Here is Rick's latest video. Drone is $63 on ebay......

The drone he is showing is completely impractical for use in the field for several reasons. It only has a ceiling of 100ft. for starters. The camera is probably poor and there is no gimbal to adjust the camera.

Like we said there are better drones, But for in the field  the x5c is the best! Why you ask?  You missed the point Randy

#1 Cheap very Cheap $63 the big thing with bigfoot hunters is cost they can't pay $1000 on something that can be fucked up in one crash
#2 Small engines = Very quit compared with the DJI drone!
#3 Durable we crashed this over and over.. and fired back up every time
#4 Camera is all you need for deep in the field....your not making a movie your looking for Bigfoot!
#5 You can pack it outside a rucksac and deploy in 5 sec....
#6 for $30 you can get a night vision add on

The DJI Phantom is a much better solution if you're looking for a relatively inexpensive drone that will actually work. I say  relatively inexpensive because consumer drones can run in to the thousands of dollars.
We tested this drone
and it is bad ass, but you can't carry this deep in the woods , it takes over 3 min to deploy.... it's expensive for a Bigfoot hunters budget...
  This drone belongs to a friend of mine. It's equipped with a GoPro HD camera, gimbal mount and FPV. The ceiling on it is around 2,000 ft. and it has a range of approximately one mile. It's a solid piece of technology for the price point. I'm just guessing but I would say the above kit is probably over $1,000 but you get what you pay for. Don't let anyone tell you differently. DJI does make a model with an attached HD camera (720) for around $500 and you can run FPV from your cell phone with an app.

A friend isn't on the internet Randy....

Tim Stover has a nice drone and he's light years ahead of the nincompoop. Tim has already made videos with his drone and he's set way points so the drone can fly on it's own. THAT'S how you do it folks. Search for Tim on YouTube when you get the chance.  And that is great if you have the money to do that most bigfoot hunters don't. I'm talking $63 compared to over $1000...
A Higher Level Of Research 

It's quite obvious that Rick has NO idea what he's talking about. Comparing an $80 Fisher Price toy to the Falcon Project is utterly deranged in my opinion.
 Whatever blows your hair (or cowboy hat) back, I suppose.

Rick is always good for a laugh, if nothing else.

Again Folks the Syma X5C is the Best for real bigfoot tracking.... If you want to make youtube videos to make people think you are a tracker pay the $1000...


Anonymous said...

He is a lonely pedophile! All of his followers are just as lonely as he is. They love that they can hate on someone online, when if they did in "real" life, they'd get the shit kicked out of them!

Alan said...

Rick I've follow this for a while if you killed a Bigfoot or not I'm on the fence But i do believe that these people on the other blog about you are completely obsessed with you.Duck they need to grow the duck up an let shot go.