Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Randy Filipovic : Liar, Pervert,Obsessed,Con Man and Lonely

Randy Filipovic : Liar, Pervert, obsessed,  Con Man and Lonely 

Liar- Just look at his web site all lies about me I'm sure he gets off on that.

Pervert: Well by now we all know his sicken past! That is why there is never no pictures with him and kids!

Obsessed: Just look at his website, He is obsessed with me like crazy,"All Dyer All the time! He must be in Love with me

Con Man : He uses my name to make money off of adsence because he can't come up with anything on his own. His followers
think that its all because he hates me...No it's a con to make money.

Lonely: Well .... LOL...Just look at his lonely pathetic life, where
all his friends are on the internet. He posted pictures years old
with some belly dancers that
was doing a public display.Those
are not your friends RANDY just people that took a picture with you!!,..lol... 

Fact- Randy has never met any of his Rick Dyer hater followers.

Fact- He feels safe behind his computer but really is a coward!

Fact- No wife ,No Kids , No life. 

Fact- The internet is the only way for him to make friends, because he can be anyone he wants to be. That is why he has no friends and is a loner.

Fact- If I was working on a set of a big movie, I would at least be in one of the pics. All his pictures below are stills from the movie.

Fact- Randy Filipovic isn't in any of the credits ......

RANDY I was the yellow Transformer!

Fact- Robert Lindsay is the Bigfoot Police

Rick Dyer: Hoaxer, Liar, Con Man and Idiot

2008 Hoaxmobile

I was just made aware of a post that Doll Boy..er..uh...Freezer Boy put up on his hack of a blog. The only reason I'm even posting is because this is so funny. In typical moronic Dyer fashion, he claims to have busted another person with NO evidence shown and no proof. You know, just like his many Bigfoot hoaxes.

Here is half-wits latest entry on his Mensa worthy blog.

For the past 6 months I 've been receiving harassing emails from a anonymous person claiming to be "The Bigfoot Police'. I receive the same kind of mail all day long from the same two IP addresses an I thought this was just the same two stalkers with a new email. I noticed a new IP so 5 min search and $2 later It came up with a address that I knew but was shocked that Robert Lindsay wouldn't hind his IP. Well I say Robert but the house belongs to his mother and he lives with her. Why do I attract lonely men who live with there parents........ Please people get a life! BUSTED

I'm having a hard time containing my laughter. I can tell all of you for a FACT that Mr. Lindsay is not Bigfoot Police. Bigfoot Police was around in 2008 busting Dyer's sorry ass. Rick is either that stupid or he's THAT stupid.

Bigfoot Police is a friend of mine and writes nothing like Robert Lindsay. Robert has his own unique style and it's easy to spot. The truth of the matter is that Dyer is absolutely afraid of Bigfoot Police, and rightly so. He SHOULD be afraid. Rick will puff up his feathers and babble on about how he is afraid of nobody but we know that's a lie. A certain pants pissing incident in Mineola kind of seals that for me. Apparently there is video (from what I've heard) and I'll see if I can get a copy to post here.

Dyer likes to poke Robert and I so we will talk about him. The only reason I was still posting was because all of you fine folks want to keep chatting and I don't mind at all.
If Rick wants to poke Bigfoot Police with a stick, that's fine with me. It's not something I would do but then again, I'm not an idiot.

Yawn...this one got old back in early 2013. Ricky likes to say I role play and he somehow manages to paint it in a negative light.
  What my friends I did was historical reenactments from the 14th century, complete with historical grade armour (80 lb. kit). I took three years of historical sword fighting techniques (medieval martial arts) and used an aircraft aluminum training sword. We used aluminum because we could get a well balanced and properly weighted sword without the risk of getting sliced by a real blade.

I dare chubby chinstrap to fight in 80 lbs. of steel on a hot day and last more than two minutes.

We were NOT SCA, we were our own organized group up until most people moved. One is pursuing his acting career in Vancouver, B.C. and two of my best friends form a band impersonating one of my favourite rock legends.

Since fat ass brought it up, I'll share a bit with you from those days. Ricky likes to leave out the good photos.

Back in the day I worked at an armoury in Calgary. Not a military armoury but a smith type armoury. Hammers, wood stumps, anvils...that kind of place. We made historically accurate armour for clients all over the world. The owner did repair pieces for museums and made supplemental pieces for incomplete kits dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries.

 We were regulars at the Glenbow Museum and our group taught kids about medieval history as well as doing live demonstrations.

We also did a lot of work for television and movies. For me, this was my dream job. My main focus was weapons. Swords, axes, daggers, and shields but I also helped with final touches on full armour kits.

Here are a few photos from back in the day.    SEE HE GETS OFF TALKING ABOUT THIS!!!LOL

A group of belly dancers we met.  WOW

See, I even have proof. Right after this we went to the pub for a few cold beers. Is that gonna make you cool Randy..Look at your face you seen so uncomfortable around .Females..

This is me fighting the bad guy. The next picture is the one dough boy likes to post because it makes him feel better. Thats him fighting the bad guy.....lol

We worked on a number of movies but this one was my all time favourite. The work schedule was demanding but seeing our hard work on the big screen was well worth it. Not a small theater venue with twelve people but packed theaters.  False

Any fans of Underworld Evolution? 

 I'm sure Doll Boy will call me a liar, sooooo, here are a few.  wow your workshop where he makes his role playing gear

A couple of horse chanfrons and life cast of Bill Nighy 'Victor'. Nothing you can't make with clay or buy off line!...Lets see some pictures on the set of any movie randy with you in the pic.....WOW easy...This will make you some new internet friends Randy!! You can buy them off ebay!
Tony Curan

Kate Beckinsale

A couple of autographed photos and a keepsake from the project. As you can see, all that "role playing" was fun. Rick shouldn't speak of things of which he does not know.

It might not rank up there with no job and selling piece of shit used cars, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.  How many cars have you bought from me Randy?

Freezer Boy can make fun of me all he wants BUT when he calls me a liar, I demand proof. Maybe a 5th grader can go through my blog with Rick so Dyer can find all these lies I tell about him. Come on lardass, show me a lie. On this entire blog, point out ONE lie. Show us WHY it's a lie. YOU can't because everything on this blog is backed up with photos, videos and/or links.

YOU are full of shit, Ricky Traylor Chuck Dyer. You can't prove anything you've ever said. You can't prove I "lied own you". You can't prove you have a real Bigfoot AND you can't prove who Bigfoot Police is. It must suck to be such an epic failure.

It must suck to be almost 40 and have to make up shit about your life. Things are going so well that you need to continuously pretend you killed a Sasquatch. You lied about your $12,000 bus being worth $175,000, you lied about owning a Porsche...the list is virtually endless. I don't even know if you can spell "truth", let alone know what the word actually means. I think you have a difficult time distinguishing from real life and fantasy. The proof is in your constant bullshit. Oh yup and more is coming to give you something to do! How man hours have you spent on looking up info on everything I say... You valued the RV at 27k/././ I must be doing something right...lol
YOU don't own anybody, Rick. We play you like a fiddle and at the end of the day, we win every time.
Who are you kidding Randy, You helped make the hoax so popular we played you every step till this day!!!!!

Proof is his website about me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   


Hey did anyone besides punkin' head get a DVD? Does it have 45-50 minutes of HD footage of a real dead Bigfoot? Wow never seen so many people who did'nt buy anything worry sooo much!! Love it :) 



Randy Filiamadick said...

Who is "Fantasy Boy" trying to fool? He bought that stuff on an online auction. This freak is out of his mind. He says he worked on the costumes? And the costume he's wearing for his fantasy role playing is something you could buy on an online fantasy camp for queers site! What a joke! And look at all those morons on there for Rick Dyer. Can't wait to posts so their little friends can add to the thread and feel like they are part of a family because they don't have one. No Lives! Sad Sad Sad! Fucking Sheep!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!

Anonymous said...

I would comment, but it will only be deleted, so I won't.

Anonymous said...

I would post a comment, but it will only be deleted. So, I won't.

Anonymous said...

Randy is gay!


Those people on that dumb ass site... It's called Bigfoot Tracker? Where's the Bigfoot? All they talk about is Rick Dyer!!!! Obsessed with him! It's like Rick Dyer is the Zombie master. They are all Zombies that can't think for them selves and depend on Rick to make them feel that they have meaning and friendship with other zombies. LOLOLOLOL! ZOMBIES! ZOMBIES! ZOMBIES!

Anonymous said...

Now Randy looks even more stupid lmfao

Anonymous said...

Your both idiots...

Anonymous said...

Randy just made himself look bad!