Friday, July 11, 2014

Randy Filipovic is getting real desperate now..

Check This out from "CUNT" Randy Filipovic

I comment in the red!!

Dyer Spins Another Tale

A friend of mine (yes, I have friends) decided to do some checking on a claim made by Ricky. No, it's not a Bigfoot claim, it's something different.
  If anyone has looked at Rick's "fan page" or heard his last "show", you will remember Dyer saying he watched 'The Walking Dead' being filmed in Griffin, Georgia. The story seems innocent enough, seriously, who would make up something like that? Why even bother?
  Well, we are talking about Rick Dyer, notorious liar ,thief, and con man. Not only did he lie but he stole another person's photo.
  Unlike Rick, I can show proof he made up the entire story. Again, all the thanks go to my amateur detective friend for sliding this across my desk. LOL it's 2014 and you can trace how many times a pic is uploaded and where.... Silly

LOL... NOT ONE TIME I EVERY SAID I TOOK THIS PICTURE! The walking dead is filmed in Griffin ,GA and We have been
to the set and their is video of that on my personal face book acct...But it's so funny how they stalk my facebook page!


The above photos are posted to Doll Boy's fan page, eluding that he took them himself since no credit was given to the photographer.
  Note the time/date stamp in the photo of the two stars of the show:  06/17/2014  1:52

Where is the smoking gun? Where did I say it was my Picture?

According to Dyer's post of June 23rd, he watched 'The Walking Dead' being filmed. Why would he wait almost a week before sharing this? He never mentioned it during his show on June 17th, the same day he allegedly took the photo. We all know Ricky likes to gloat, brag and/or puff himself up, so he would have said something.

Let's look at a recent filming schedule for 'The Walking Dead'.

Well, this is interesting. They were not in Griffin on June 17th. Actually, they were in Newnan, GA on the 17th. IF by some slim chance Rick was in Newnan, why didn't he take his own photos? Why did he have to resort to copyright infringement so he could make himself look like a bigshot?

I don't give a hell about looking like a bigshot , Because I know I am :). 
Randy is so jealous of me it's killing him! See my peeps sinking to a new low.

Proof of what I have been saying in this post, you ask? No problem.

Never said it was mine, I post many pics on FB... Get a Life Randy

It should be obvious to any person that the above photos are the same photo Dyer posted to his Facebook fan page. He stole a photo and made someone else's experience his own. LIE
 Why? I suppose only a shrink could answer that. Maybe it's because his dad disowned him or maybe it's because he is the one who leads a sad and pathetic existence.
HUH! LOL Desperation at its best

  Dyer says he is the best at everything. He's not the best at carpentry, that's evident from the shitty box he made for his doll. He's not the best Bigfoot tracker because he admitted he doesn't track (just look up his unplugged interview with FB/FB) and he has never seen, let alone killed a Bigfoot.
He's not even the best hoaxer because everyone (mostly) saw through his bullshit and  four past failed hoaxes. Every thing I do is a fail to Randy ,but being the top story and making crazy money every hoax is a fail !! I ..It's funny the more he talks the more hater are contacting me saying he is obsessed with me... Proof

Some people may think this entire post is trivial but it's not. It shows a history of Rick Dyer's willingness to lie about absolutely everything, no matter how small the story is to tell.
Children will tell lies such as this example but grown adults with fully developed brains do not...unless there is something wrong with them.

If Rick will lie about visiting filming of a television show, or owning a Porsche, or buying a bunch of Corvettes, or having a show on A&E, he will most definitely lie about killing a Bigfoot. For some reason it makes him feel special.Many pilots don't get picked up for one reason or another! You should know that Randy losen your tights!

Ok folks I post a lot of stuff on my private page that my fan page never sees. This is just one video and one Picture of the set Not That it really matter but here you

Q- Have you ever met any of the cast and crew of the walking dead?
A- Yes it's really hard not to when they film in my small town. 

Q- Why is Randy Filipovic such a CUNT?
A- Thats all he knows!

This is mine feel free to trace that


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How can a grown man follow you so closely Rick?
Wait I know he's a fucking pervert

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Anonymous said...

Rick fuck that pervert

Anonymous said...

Richard you can never convince me that you killed Bigfoot or Bigfoot even exist. You are very entertaining though I'll give you that.

Anonymous said...

I still believe you Rick!!! - Walter