Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pinocchio is dead!

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Pinocchio Dies
The first man who brought Pinocchio to life on the big screen has died -- Richard Percy Jones passed away at home in Northridge, CA.

Jones died Monday night ... apparently of natural causes.

As a kid, he was chosen by Walt Disney to provide the voice of the boy puppet for the 1940 animated flick, "Pinocchio." Jones was also a skilled rodeo rider -- appearing in a bunch of B-movies and TV shows. He also had bit roles in the "Our Gang" films.

Jones retired from acting in the 1960s... to go into real estate and banking. He's survived by his wife and 4 kids.

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Bev uk said...

This is sad news , my own father always admired and loved this film and he often told me how as a child it was one of his best memories during wartime to visit " the pictures" and as an artistic man particularly loved the skills and talent this film contained , so much so that at his funeral two of his grandchildren read out as a poem the words to " when you wish upon a star" it really did mean an awful lot to a working class little boy here in England , Bev uk x