Sunday, July 20, 2014

New Jealous Rant from Sir. Randy Filipovic

Rick Is Having A Show Tonight...Or He's On An "Expedition"

As always we respond in red!

Rick Dyer says I make soooo much money for him because he gets new followers. I fail to see how money is made off a floundering blog and a You Tube channel with nominal video views. The hay day of the tour we was pulling in around $1500 a month off adsence ,now only around $300 and lets see DVD sales, shirts, hats , and expeditions... Do I need to go on? Oh ya my floundering blog get 1000 hits perpost in the 1st 24hrs...not big time but good :)
   It's kind of funny, Rick says I make him money but I don't make any money off of him. In fact, I don't make any money at all. Sooo, who is riding who's coat tails? Randy must be in love with me eg...All Dyer all the time say no more!

This mindless rant is only one example of Rick saying I make him money. Wow, I'm allowed to keep my blog open, as if I needed permission from him. What a moron. Randy was nothing before me and will be nothing after like so many others :) He's making lots of internet friends! lol

  Anyway, I thought I'd help the half wit out by letting all of you know he is having a "show" tonight. If you're going to watch, make sure you're medicated. As usual the show will be about Rick, the haters, money, the haters and plenty more of Rick. The word "Bigfoot" may be used a few times. But yet you tune in ...What is it like being a stalker? lol

 If you have never watched a Rick Dyer show before, this is what it's like.

Why is Dyer having a show? Isn't he supposed to be on a sold out expedition this weekend? Maybe that nasty gout conveniently flared up again. Maybe KFC was having a bucket sale on extra crispy. Maybe Rick will be transmitting the show via a top secret satellite...or a cell phone from his back yard. The anticipation is too much I tell ya. Wow folks feel the jealousy you can cut it with a knife! Does he have anything better to do?.......It's Randy...Nope ALL DYER ALL THE  

This isn't he first time Rick has had a show while he was supposed to be on an "expedition" and I doubt it will be the last. One last thing. Weekend camping trips are not expeditions. We know he sees all my shows so how conveniently he doesnt tell you about the reporter coming down from BUZZ to do a two part 3 day story on me...
FYI the expedition was still a go..Because I have FRIENDS I can depend on!.. Something you know nothing about! :) 

What Dyer should do is talk about his alleged Bigfoot and show actual evidence. Butchered pictures of an alleged freezer and some fur are not evidence. 

LOve it! lol 
Hey folks, did anyone get their DVDs yet? The DVD with 45-50 minutes of clear HD footage of a real dead Bigfoot. You know, the one Ricky promised everyone last year.It's clear and its HD and it's never before

Freezer Boy's new ad mentions nothing. Not even a description of what is being sold. But yet still selling.... Thanks Randy

Things like this are typical of con men and fraudsters. He's a scammer and a huckster, nothing more. Thanks for the support!

All this coming from a pervert ! Go figure! 

Till his next post!

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