Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"Native Residents of Planet Earth"

For thousands of years and up to the present, there have existed in cave drawings and paintings, totem poles, stories passed down through the generations verbally, newspaper articles, books, movies and TV shows, numerous accounts of the bi-pedal creature famously known as Bigfoot, Sqaquatch, Yeti, Yeren, Yowie, The Wild Man and many more names.

Many of these accounts and stories over time, has been relegated to the pages of myth, legend and the ramblings of crazy people. When did we forget? When did facts become myth and legend and why? Who are responsible for this? Who are the people that get to decide what is real or not? Why the blatant cover up?

While still processing all this and constantly comparing eye witness accounts, and encounters from all over the world, and throughout history, it has become quite clear which are true and which are false, without having to waste precious time on detailed analysis on all of them. Yet the mantra is constantly repeated; "Bigfoot is not real, it does not exist, much less in the Americas. Forget all that nonsense about land bridges and migration routes and all that jazz.
There is no way a giant bi-pedal creature of an average height of 10' and weight of 1000 pounds, could possibly live here."

Apparently someone forgot to tell that to the Native American / First Nations People. Instead of allowing them to interact with figments of their imagination, coincidentally, all across the American continent. Embedding them is tribal folklore, stories paintings and totem poles. There are even accounts of native American men, women and children being stolen by these imaginary creatures. They must have had very good imaginations back then. I think it was contagiousness because it still continues and has spread all over the world without cure. 

I am even more eager now, to be able to review all the scientific data yet to be unveiled. Over the last two hundred years, there has been no shortage of theories which attempts to explain the existence OR non-existence of this native resident of Earth, long considered by most to linger only in mythology and the minds of the mentally challenged.

Although there have been credible researchers in this field whose names need no mention, they know who they are and until now, none had been able to secure a specimen for the benefit of science and the World at large. I don’t think they were even trying but mostly observing. To do so would have fostered a deeper understanding of the planet we all live on, its ecology, its inhabitants and their harmonic relationship and function within nature, thus providing us with facts on this creature and relieving our fears of the unknown.

Let’s look at some preliminary facts revealed about Bigfoot (known as Hank) to date:

Height – 8’- 8”
Weight –over 800 pounds
Sex – Male

Shoulder width – 38 inches
Limb proportions – normal
Eyes – Set deep – Nocturnal / Black (far apart)
Ears – Human shape – flat to the head
Ear canal – Enormous – size of a quarter
Nose – Wide. Extra slits (
choanae) on sides of nostrils
Nostril intake - larger proportion (from human)
Lips – Heavy / thick
Mouth – Large – width
Neck – No neck visible
Forehead – Slopped back – receding hair
Brow ridge – Heavy /Pronounced
Skin Pores – Large & visible
Skin Color – Tan color
Hair – Coarse / heavy (like German Sheppard)
Hair Color –  Brownish red
Feet – very wide – top completely covered with hair – Flat
Bottom of feet padded like the pad’s of a dog’s foot. But tough like a shoe.
Dark / Black underneath. No meta-tarsal break.
Toe nails & Finger nails – Rough – Thick – Black
Hands – Large hands. Very little hair on top of the hands – Some (light) hair growing between (inside) the fingers
Teeth – double rows of teeth (back teeth only). Double rows of first, second, and third molars.
Chest – Barrel shaped chest
Heart – Opposite side of the body (to a human’s). Oversized

Since the revelation of the "tent video" and knowledge of the Bigfoot body, there has been an even greater influx of disbelief, shock and awe and more speculative theories. Would it not be easier to find activities that best occupy you, to better manage your time and sanity until the actual facts via scientific data is released to the public. That way, no Bigfoot’s, won’t be put in any big mouths.

Anthropology noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)                                                                    

The “science of humanity.” Anthropologists study human beings in aspects ranging from the biology and evolutionary history of Homo sapiens to the features of society and culture that decisively distinguish humans from other animal species.

Anthropology is defined as the "science of humanity" the scientific study of the origins of humans and in its current structure is heavily dependent on Darwin’s theory of evolution. Even though it’s all facts based on a theory and argued over by creationists and evolutionists alike.

So is this discipline really the "science of humanity"? So why isn’t anyone in this field really studying the true origins of Humans and Humanity as opposed to trying to convince the masses by promoting a questionable theory by one man or a collective, that they evolved from an apes (pre-humans) into what we are today and in such a short time frame too. 

Random genetic mutation? Resulting in a terrestrial creature with a massive size, muscular body and covered in hair. That would make traversing through the thick wooded underbrush, thorny brush and swampy marshes a whole lot safer and easier. Based on the adaptive ability of Bigfoot to its surroundings ecologically and anatomically, it seems even more so, that this creature was specifically designed for life and survival here on all of Earth’s climates and terrains. As opposed to us humans.
Although the theory of evolution suggests that we came from apes, we did not retain any of these genetic features needed for adapting and surviving in the natural environment and this planets multiple climates and terrain. Humans choose however, to terraform to suit their needs. That is not living in harmony with nature.

Maybe Bigfoot was and is the original dominant intelligent species on Earth. A planet of the apes if you will. There are more species and sub-species of primates and monkeys than that of us humans. There is always a movie depicting insectoid, grays or reptilian looking aliens invading this planet, with the intent to obliterate the dominant species (humans), so they can strip Earth of all of its resources and move on when all has been consumed. 

I bet, to an intelligent extraterrestrial being, sitting in his living room and looking at us on his holographic projector, “we humans”, must look like the invasive and destructive alien species. Destroying other dominant species, including other humans on the Earth, stripping it of all its resources and polluting it to finish off the rest of them.

Just another perspective and theory to think about, seeing that theories are so easily acceptable by everyone.