Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Is Todd Standing a Hoaxer or is people Jealous of his success? and How to Become a Squatchdetective

Is Todd Standing a Hoaxer or is people just jealous of his success

Well it seems the same group of friends Steve Kulls, Bigfoot Evidence and many more
are trying to down play this discovery.  You also have the smaller groups like Bigfoot Lunch Club,
Bigfoot Crossroad and others that follow along the main groups views just to be accepted. This is
the Bigfoot Community Folks! This is why when Justin Smeja got busted for his hoax time and time again no one made a big deal about it....Because Bigfoot Evidence supported and was in on the hoax.
You have to remember you are dealing with a bunch of cowards, People that hide their names and talk shit about others like Shawn Evidence and Randy Filipovic if you remember  ,I busted them out and
we understood why.

How quick does people forget about Kulls and his involvement with my 2008 hoax. Kulls was a
major player in the 08 hoax. Steve would like you to think of him as
the man who brought down the 2008 hoax and that does have some truth to it. He asked for more money and We said no! If you
remember Steve disappeared from the community for months after this. He has many friends
now in the community because he goes after me...,,,Yes people if you want to make friends here all you have to do is talk shit about Rick Dyer...lol. That is why you see him go after people that isn't in
his group/click. It's easy for cowards to take the easy left instead of the hard right!

Q-So is Todd Standing a Hoaxer?
A-Everyone in the Bigfoot world hoaxes to a point but this I think is real!

Q-Why so much hate when it comes to Bigfoot?
A-Jealousy no more no less!

Rules of the Bigfoot Community

#1 Don't say anything bad about anyone in the community! (No matter what)
#2 Bash Rick Dyer
#3 Kiss Ass
#4 Don't have your own opinion! The community opinion is yours always!
#5 Dr. Jeff Meldrum is your King

How to become a Squatchdetective

#1 Get a Job as a Walmart rentacop so you can say you worked with police.

#2 Come up with a name and make sure it has the word "detective" in it. 

#3 Learn how Google works because this will be your only investigating tool.

#4 Hate on Rick Dyer true or not just make it sound bad!

#5 Find Rick Dyers eBay account and let everyone know what he buys.

#6 Go to google earth and post pictures of Ricks house.

#7 and most important RIDE HIS COAT-TAILS!!!! 


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100% True

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Stick to cars. You know nothing about bigfoot Rick :)

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Everything he said in the post is true!