Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Is Phil Poling is just another Do-Boy in the Bigfoot Community ..A fraud

Phil Poling of Parabreakdowns is another one of the Bigfoot communities

do-boys.... He has no background in analyzing videos what so ever, But

people like Shawn Evidence and others in the Bigfoot community would make you think he has experience in the field ..... A child with a Imac could do the same thing.You never see him go against the opinions of the tight nit community. On the other hand he will try to tear apart newcomers , people his group doesn't like or they perceive as a threat. This proves that wisdom doesn't come with age.

At the end of the day Phil Poling is just another robot ass kisser in the world known as Bigfoot. 

Note- We have the 59 year olds Job History, Address ,phone and more , Very funny but it's not relevant to this story.


Anonymous said...

1st...........Phil is a old ass know-it-all./ Fuck UM

Anonymous said...

You left out the fact he's a CUNT!

Anonymous said...

Depressed and miserable isn't Rick Dyer..