Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Australian Andrew Clacy responding to his allegations... The truth be told

                                This is solely to respond to his false accusations

If Andrew Clacy told the story , he would tell you how hard he worked and how much media coverage achieved and the successful business he left behind. The truth is Andrew has very little education. Clacy's business was nonexistent at home with the exception of two customers that paid him $200 a month to keep up their website. His car recently was repossessed and him and his son was facing eviction. All the money he did receive from Team Tracker he sent to a woman in Africa named Veronique Amuzu whom always was promising a relationship but kept given him excuses on why she needed more money. He also sent money to his son even though Andrew complained about the beatings he received. I can remember when Andrew arrived his shoes was falling apart I immediately took him to Ross and bought shoes.

The facts about Andrew's involvement in the Hoax and other things.

Little Green Truck is one of his two Clients but more on them and The African Safari Business

The job that Andrew did for me a monkey could do and maybe I would've had better results. The fact is the media will come, if you say you have a Bigfoot no one is needed.

I bought a book that had every media contact in the United States with the current numbers.. Like I said a monkey could do this job.

All he wanted to do was sleep and rub his feet. Has some weird fungus disease that eats up his feet and he has to pick it off. The Smell was unbelievable.

He received $12,000 in cash food and accommodations all throughout his trip.

He was here only tourist visa

He kept talking about masturbating while driving, I thought he was joking at first but he kept mentioning it.... That explains why he hasn't had any type of relationship in 15 years

Andrew and Lynk argued all day and complained only each other like to schoolchildren.

Andrew told me that Lynk shouldn't be allowed to call people because he sounds like a African scammer.

Andrew knew everything about the hoax before he landed in America.

When we didn't make any money in Daytona he fled stealing $200 and my Rolex (which was fake)

Craig Phillips and Lynk exited the bus in Minneola Texas. Craig stated to me the bus was sinking. No real money with me to that point. The next stop San Antonio Texas that's where the money started to Roll in.

The lies that has been spread about me through Andrew.... Cheating on my wife, beating my kids, and other nasty lies only to get the attention off of him. And the haters was stupid enough to fall for it.Sad buy true,

I don't regret anything that happened, I don't regret meeting Andrew,Lynk ,Dale for Craig. They're all nice guys in their own way but don't know the meaning of true friendship. Money got in the way. With the exception of Craig they all tried to cover themselves by lying on me.