Sunday, May 11, 2014

Rick Dyer makes Randy Filipovic come out of hiding and tell the same old lies!

Ricky Rant

Just when I think Rick can't get any weirder, he does. Dyer had the time during Mother's Day to record a video ranting about everything under the sun in Bigfootland.

Yes I do and Lots more to come!!!
  Dyer is now a "hoax buster" and he vows to expose hoaxers. So far all he has done is make accusations without providing any evidence. That seems to be Doll Boy's life. Make up wild claims, offer no supporting evidence, and expect to be taken seriously.
The evidence is in every video that all the people in the Bigfoot community ever produced! Randy's site is filled with lies and just because he makes up lies to back lies don't make something true!
It's a good thing Rick had that clothes line to hold on to, it looked like he was losing his oxygen supply. For an alleged Bigfoot tracker, he doesn't seem to have much stamina.

I wonder if that's what she said.

According to Andrew Clacy, this is the woman Dyer entertained on numerous occasions. I was also told by a source that Rick and others went to a strip bar and Dyer paid for a lap dance and then paid the dancer for oral sex. I hope she took her tooth out first.
According to Andrew Clacy lol that says it all right there! Hey at least he is lying about a hot girl!!  :) According to Andrew the body was real and he inspected it for hours!! lol 

Rick is still claiming he shot and killed a Bigfoot but I don't know how Doll Boy expects anyone to believe him after five (5) failed hoaxes. One would think that when someone fails so miserably at something, the person would just accept failure as their benchmark.
5 It looks like the only two hoaxes that i've done the goal was to make money... and thats what they did!!  Like it or not
In this video Rick now comes across and some sort of authority on hoaxers but he's too lazy to do any research and explain WHY someone is a hoaxer. Dyer is just butthurt because he isn't allowed to play in the sandbox so he needs to lash out at people and make up wild stories.
The sad fact is that Randy has done something he has never before did.....and that is make your welcome...He has made friends with other hoaxers and that is why you will never see Randy going after anyone else :) It's called a coward... I say the facts and and only the facts
Dyer has been on a roll recently with his poor videos. I have always said "When a truth is told about Rick, he will attack". If this still holds true, then that means that Frank Cali, Lynk Paul, Dale Boswell, and Andrew Clacy have told some truths about Rick Dyer.
Everyone that has left all at different times was trying to save face and the easiest way is to blame Rick Dyer !
Whether you hate or like these former TT members, I believe there have been many truths told about Rick Dyer, ranging from infidelity to living conditions and working for free, to the very hoax itself.
none of the crazy claims are true! Anything to get the attention off them.... They also know Randy and many others will print anything bad about Rick Dyer 

Dyer must be in desperate times if he still needs to hold to his story of killing a Bigfoot. Evidence will be shown "soon". Speaking of soon, did any Doll Boy fanboys get their DVD's yet? You know, the DVD's that were supposed to be mailed out last year. Anyone? Bueller?

The DVD will be delivered to everyone by the end of this month! Yes the dvd's are done and some has went out already. I am not on Randys or anyone elses timeline.. 
Rick also says he hasn't broken any laws BUT he knows fraud is against the law. This is a bit fiberglasting to me because Rick Dyer DID commit fraud when he sold tickets to see a REAL DEAD BIGFOOT. Dyer claimed it was real on quite a few small network interviews. I wonder if Rick understands what a camera is and what it does. We have his words and moving pictures where he says numerous times that he was touring with a REAL DEAD BIGFOOT.

The DVD issue is a different crime and I know of at least one person who has filed a complaint with IC3.

 Rick Dyer has broke no laws and will continue  to be on the right side of the law!
Randy just don't understand America , we are free minded people that has laws in place to protect people. Being a showman isn't breaking the law .....Many people pay to see the greatest show on earth every day ,Freak show or believe it or not..
If any law was broken I would have been stopped in the 1st town! But instead we had
law enforcement giving us coins!.... Go on my youtube ch... You will find more video of me saying the bigfoot in the trailer was real!  Fast forward 3 months from now and you will hear me saying....The body in this trailer is 100% real..... The ??? it!!! lol
Report me till your fingers fall off! 

There are also crimes of libel that Rick has committed against several individuals. Rick doesn't seem to understand "just having fun" is different than telling lies about people. He knows his stories are lies, therefore it's libel, and that is a crime.

99% of Randys blog is based on lies... When I talk about you being a pervert and
anything that I have said about you or anyone else.. has been the truth. You see Randy I fight back with the truth.
I am sure there are other issues that have not been discussed and I'm willing to bet Dyer is hiding for a reason. It must suck for Rick to constantly have to look over his shoulder, wondering if the next person he sees is someone he ripped off.
Dyer is hiding? Dyer is in his home town with all his family , doing business
everday and making 10 youtube videos a day! Get real Rick is the easiest person to find. Just more lies to get attention off him!

This is the most important he has ever felt in his life! This man is so
Jealous of me and I use this to my advantage! I control the haters 

Dyer will keep playing his childish games. After all, he's just a simple child-man. It looks like Doll Boy has a new vehicle ready to be wrapped.