Friday, March 7, 2014

Team Tracker Bigfoot Tour Rolls into Daytona bike week!

After completely selling out all venues in In Texas the tour moved on to many private events throughout the southern states attracting lines as far as the eye could see. The tour has made a stop in Daytona Beach Florida for bike week.
Bike week attracts more than 600,000 visitors and most of them will go see Bigfoot! This tour proves that controversy sales and it has a big way! It seems the more naysayers we have the more ticket sales, so we do nothing but encourage and even sometimes provoke the naysayers. It's a wonderful thing when you can use the hate to your advantage.

We have received and read  many promises of these hatemongers coming out and causing trouble but the reality is that these people don't come out. Their nothing but keyboard tough guys that hide behind their computer like Randy Filipovic.

Randy Filipovic runs a anti-Rick Dyer website that promotes violence and spreads lies from Canada. This hasn't went without consequences. Randy currently has a warrant out for his arrest in the United States and other charges pending,  but this isn't the first time Randy's been in trouble years ago Randy was charged with the rape and spent 10 years on probation. He has a very small following no doubt other people just like him. Although his site has promoted physical violence towards Rick Dyer and his family, it has helped make this tour very successful.

"To be perfectly honest I wish people would make a more sites like this! All it's doing is helping me much more than it's hindering..... Free advertisement....

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