Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Breaking News!!!!!! Bigfoot Evidence Lies to shift the attention from the Justin Smeji Hoax.. Perfect Timing

 Bigfoot Evidence Lies to shift the attention from the Justin Smeji Hoax. 


                 Icon Films told the truth about Justin's Hoax on national TV 

When the Film company didn't lie for Justin Smeji and told the BS story as it as it was Bigfoot Evidence went into protection mode and posted this story . For those of you that still don't know I busted the Justin Smeji Hoax and linked Smeji ,Shawn Evidence and others to the hoax. Basically the hoax was created by Smeji, Ro and Shawn all high School chums. The hoax fell apart when I linked all three together. "You will never find a negative story about Smeji on Bigfoot Evidence even when his Bigfoot meat came back as bear" 

               How ironic they start talking about me again a day after Icon Films :)

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

This Man Claims The M.I.B. Stole His Bigfoot -- Again

After months of collecting money from people who wanted to believe he had an actual Bigfoot body, Dyer, an infamous hoaxer from 2008, is forced to tell the truth. In 2008 Dyer claimed his Bigfoot was confiscated by the Men-In-Black. Five years later, he makes the same claim. Another five years from now, he'll probably do it again.

After last night's announcement, Frank Cali, Dyer's former right-hand man, said it the best: "He admitted to Tom yesterday it was all a HOAX....H O A X. This is 100% incorrect , The only thing I said to Tom is
never contact me again and it was up to me when I release the body! I told you he was going to say the MIB's game and took it. What a BSer... Everyone got money back who filed a claim as far as I was told. If I had not come forward he would have taken the money and run.Frank Cali was Fired and that's the only reason he came forward. I hurt him in his wallet. That's what is most important to Dyer."

What's next up on Dyer's list of things to do