Saturday, October 5, 2013

Who is trying to fool whom?

By: Timothy Fricke - Team Tracker Member

Bigfoot News was covered by every news outlet in the country on Oct.1, 2013. They reported that Bigfoot is REAL!

Well, the truth is... Bigfoot is REAL! But, the sources that are bringing the evidence to the world of Bigfoot have fallen short in presenting REAL evidence. Who in the hell at ABC News would look at a video presented by “The Erickson Project” and say “Holy cow! That’s a BIGFOOT! “But, don’t take my word for it. See for yourself. 

This is Matilda 

This is “Chewbacca” AKA Matilda.

The side by side comparison

You still think it’s a Bigfoot? 

The only people who have presented evidence of a REAL Bigfoot are Todd Standing and Rick Dyer! They have shown the BEST evidence to the Bigfoot community and the world of the existence of Bigfoot and they have been castrated for it!

Why? You ask. Because it’s REAL! A lot of people involved in Bigfoot would loose a lot of money if anyone had true evidence of one. Namely all the TV shows out there. One that come’s to mind is “Finding Bigfoot”. Well, what are they going to call it now? “Found Bigfoot”? The Bigfoot community bashes Todd Standing and Rick Dyer because they know they have PROOF! 

And who is the most hated person in the Bigfoot community? You got it, Rick Dyer.  He is the last person they want to have represent and forever more be attached to Bigfoot! Soon, you won't be able to say Bigfoot, with out mentioning Rick Dyer. It's coming. Start Believing.

How I changed from “Skeptic” to “Believer”

I think for everyone who believes in Rick Dyer, did so by first watching “The Tent Video”  

Before I get into this, I just want to make it clear that these are my views and opinions and are not those of Team Tracker or Rick Dyer.

I never believed in the existence of Bigfoot before this year.  To me, I put Bigfoot in the same category with Vampires, Werewolves and the Tooth Fairy!

Believe me, this was very hard for me to say the words, “Bigfoot is REAL!” Let alone trying to convince other people that it is. So, I’ll try to break down on why I’m convinced and believe that Rick Dyer has a REAL Bigfoot.

1.     I watched “The Tent video” and was intrigued.  I was saying to myself “if that is a costume, it’s the best one out there!” Still not totally convinced one way or the other, but this video kept coming up.

2.     FBFB did a break down of the footage.  I thought they did a damn good job. They asked the right questions and dissected the video in a manner that satisfied my curiosity.  But, still I’m not fully convinced one way or the other.  

3.     This video keeps popping up on my “recommended” videos on YouTube. Now Rick Dyer claims ownership of it and breaks it down himself. Now this video has my full attention.  Now I have questions.  

4.     Who is Rick Dyer? Ok, he was involved in the 2008 hoax that got national attention, so why hoax again? Who is going to believe it? Why even try?      

5.     I research who Rick Dyer is, where this took place and found out that he was with Minnow Films shooting a documentary about Bigfoot Trackers with Morgan Matthews.

6.     Who is Morgan Matthews? Morgan Matthews is an English, BAFTA award winning documentary director. He is the founder of Minnow Films and has been directing documentaries for over ten years. 

Matthew's early work includes the BAFTA, RTS and Grierson nominated Taxidermy: Stuff the World, the RTS nominated Channel 4 series My Crazy Parents and the feature length Beautiful Young Minds which was also BAFTA, RTS and Grierson nominated.

In 2006 he founded Minnow Films, starting his work with the company with the Grierson nominated film Battleship Antarctica for Channel 4. He then went on to make The Fallen, a three-hour film for BBC2 remembering every British serviceman and woman killed in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. The film was named best single documentary of 2008 at the RTS awards and won two BAFTAs including Best Factual Director.

Whilst executive producing at Minnow Films, Matthew's continues to direct his own films with the company including the BAFTA nominated Scenes from a Teenage Killing, chronicling every teenager who died as a result of violence in the UK over one year. Matthew's also executive produced the RTS nominated Minnow Films' series Fighting on the Frontline for Channel 4, which embedded three directors with British troops in Afghanistan.

Most recently, Morgan has been working with Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald, directing the Britain in a Day project for the BBC Two and is now moving onto his next documentary, a proposed theatrical co-production between BBC Storyville and the BFI. The BFI and BBC Films are also working with Matthews on a feature film X Plus Y inspired by his documentary Beautiful Young Minds.

  1. 1.    Would Morgan Matthews, an award winning film maker, be involved in a hoax? Would he ruin his and Minnow Films reputation for the sake of making a few dollars on a Bigfoot Documentary? I really don’t think so.

  1. 2.     What is the definition of “Documentary”?  doc·u·men·ta·ry (dky-mnt-r) adj. 1. Consisting of, concerning, or based on documents. 2. Presenting facts objectively without editorializing or inserting fictional matter, as in a book or film. A work, such as a film or television program, presenting political, social, or historical subject matter in a factual and informative manner and often consisting of actual news films or interviews accompanied by narration. 
  1. 3.    How do you have a title like “Shooting Bigfoot” for a documentary? In interviews with Morgan Matthews, this documentary was suppose to be about why grown and intelligent men would dedicated their lives in the search a mythical creature?
  1. 4.    Where did the “Shooting” in “Shooting Bigfoot” come from? Maybe because there was a SHOOTING!!!
  1. 5.    It doesn’t make sense that Rick Dyer would be promoting films called “After the shot” and “The Autopsy”. And saying he would give your money back plus $100.00 if these videos didn’t show a REAL dead Bigfoot. He’d have so many law suits against him; the money made wouldn’t be able to cover his attorney cost.
  1. 6.    Why put all of your time and money into a tour?  Buy vehicles, let’s say a trailer for “Hank” a tour bus for the crew, a diesel truck to hall the trailer, get them all custom wrapped. Plan a tour; get all the permits for each state. Then, let people get up close and personal with “Hank”? Who is going to spend that kind of money to perpetrate a HOAX?
  1. 7.    Don’t you think the first time someone see’s “Hank”, they are going to be able to tell if it’s real or not? Do you think Rick Dyer has access and the money to make a costume that will fool us all?
  1. 8.    Then, what about the videos? Don’t you think the first time you see “After the shot”, you won’t be able to tell if what you are seeing is REAL or not? And what about “The Autopsy” video? Did he call the guys from the “Alien Autopsy” and say “Hey, I’m trying to do an autopsy video on a Bigfoot, what do you think? Can you help me out?”

I really could go on an on. But I think by now you get where I’m coming from. Rick Dyer has a REAL Bigfoot. Get use to it. And to all the HATERS, bring the best you’ve got, because you only have a couple more months before this comes out. I’ll enjoy reading what you all have to say. But, I’ll be one of the first one’s to say…. Well, I’m not going to say anything. I’ll just sit back and enjoy the show!

Timothy Fricke

Team Tracker

New Jersey


Anonymous said...

You brought up the tent video. The problem I have with it is how Dyer could have gotten a shot of the HEAD which is 8ft off the ground, given the apparent distance of the BF, the width of the screen, the distance taken from the screen and the angle of the shot. Dyer seems to say it was standing up at the time as well.
Here is a pic which is NOT ZOOMED for reference.

The shot looks like it was taken level and from a window about 4-5 Ft high. That BF head is a little over 1 ft in size, so it had be fairly close as well. I just don't catching this when it's head is 8Ft off the ground at this distance (maybe 15ft?).

Anonymous said...

It's a hoax. Get over it. You have lost whatever money you have already given to Dyer. Suck it up and move on.

Anonymous said...

"I really could go on an on. But I think by now you get where I’m coming from. Rick Dyer has a REAL Bigfoot. Get use to it. And to all the HATERS, bring the best you’ve got, because you only have a couple more months before this comes out. I’ll enjoy reading what you all have to say. But, I’ll be one of the first one’s to say…. Well, I’m not going to say anything. I’ll just sit back and enjoy the show!"

This cracks me up. As if we are the ones who have pushed back the release. Remember when it was supposed to be in April little Timmy? And then August? And then September? Remember all the high quality photos to be released over the months? Remember all of the receipts and validating information said to be released over the months? You are a retard. Anyone who believes this is a retard. Not just a retard, but a colossal retard. One can only hope you have given lots of money to Dyer. People this retarded deserve to lose their money to this guy. He is a low class con-man and you are his little pawns. There aren't many of you, but enough for him to keep pushing the hoax and take more of your money. I cannot wait for you to realize what actually happened here. Unless you are in on it, which is quite possible. In fact, I would hope that is the case. Otherwise I am having a really hard time imagining someone could be this goddamn retarded!!!

DS said...

They were telling the Haters to bring it on, back in June, Just wait til Aug 15th, Haters!! I told everyone Rick was going to Redeem me Aug 15th! The Tent video no matter how good, does not prove a dead Bigfoot. Minnow Films does not prove a dead Bigfoot....Neither does "He said, She said!" Neither does a Dvd that we have no idea what's on it? C'mon Rick, no BS you said, give us a glimpse of a dead Bigfoot! WHAT THE HECK IS THE BIG SECRET IF YOU HAVE ONE??

Anonymous said...

I concur with the "retard" post above. I think I speak for other haters, too, when I say that we do not care to debate you on your ridiculous points. Rick wonders why no haters call in to his show to ask questions. The truth be told, no one really cares what he would have to say. Its all bullshit anyway. I can't even think of anything I would want to ask him and care to hear his opinion. The real entertainment is not trying to debunk this debacle, the real joy comes in watching the the TT members fall for Rick's lies and pranks.

Yes, Rick. We haters are a lot like you. We think its hilarious that your troop of clowns fell for your dumbass hoax.

Bring the best you've got? No way. Keep doin' what you guys are doing. Its very entertaining and you're doin' a great job. Keep up the good work!

trfricke said...

Who's the retard? This got all of you DUMB ASS RETARDED DIP SHITS to come to this blog. LOLOLOL! You guys crack me up. Stand up for what you believe in and join the blog talk chat, or even better, join us on the GOOGLE Hangout! Tell your moms you have to stay up late tonight!

Anonymous said...

Why? No one wants to. Rick's show is boring.

Jason Judd said...

Tom, the joys of remaining anonymous. Just like when a "con business" calls your house and protects their libel actions with "unknown." They don't believe in their own words, so anonymous they remain.--Jason Judd, TT

Anonymous said...

What evidence has Standing ever provided? His Sylvanic photos look like dolls carved from wood and his "documentary" was so bad, he yanked it after showing it once and nobody's ever seen it again, nobody has ever given any type of acclaim for anything that guys has done, he's a complete joke.

trfricke said...

Dolls carved in wood? What? The reason you don't want to believe that those pictures or video that The Sylvanic group put out is probably because you don't believe in Bigfoot. What I see in those pictures is something organic and real. But, you obviously have your opinion and I have mine.

DS said...

Tom & Jason, have you seen evidence of a dead Bigfoot?

trfricke said...

I have not. I don't know if Jason has or not though. DS, join us on the chat tonight.

DS said...

My computer has been dying and coming on at will, it's down right now..I'm posting from my phone, and it's a pain!!..I appreciate the invite though. I don't understand the secrecy, and the unseen dead bigfoot proof.

Anonymous said...

Leave your hands off DS! He belongs to us haters!! Haha jk, good times

DS said...

I have a hunch we both know what Jason's answer is!

Anonymous said...

LOL> Woahhhh. You are shit talking and you haven't even seen evidence of anything little Timmy??? LOL. That is awesome. Congrats on being even more retarded than we all previously thought. I figured at least, well ok, he was presented some fake nonsense and he couldn't tell the difference and so he believes because he is dumb. But to not have even seen anything and talk trash? You, my little friend, are the very definition of a moron!!

Anonymous said...

I understand that they want to wait for the big reveal but one picture wouldn't kill them.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else find it funny they are now aligning themselves with Todd Standing, a known hoaxer?? Geez...they are practically telling you people this is a hoax and some of you still buy it. Timmy, you are retarded!!!

trfricke said...

Thanks for visiting our page! :)

Anonymous said...

You got it, Timmy. I am happy to take a bit of time out of my day to make you and your fellow cult members feel stupid. I do think it's funny you think you have done something awesome by getting a few of us here. For one, Dyer would need thousands upon thousands of visits to make any money for people going to his site. We both know that ain't happening, little one. And two, you guys are just so dumb. It would be a shame to not point out how gullible and stupid you are. Do me a favor though, ok? Go cut Dyer another check for something. I promise he will show you the dead BF if you do.

Anonymous said...

Whats funny is that anyone who provides any evidence whatsoever of bigfoot is labeled a hoaxer by someone. It's because people DONT BELIEVE IN BIGFOOT. and also because not all bigfoots look the same at all, so it's easy to say "that's not what I saw so it has to be BS".

Anonymous said...

Whats funny is that anyone who provides any evidence whatsoever of bigfoot is labeled a hoaxer by someone. It's because people DONT BELIEVE IN BIGFOOT. and also because not all bigfoots look the same at all, so it's easy to say "that's not what I saw so it has to be BS".