Thursday, October 10, 2013

"The Erickson Project: What Did They Do With All That Money?"

By Frank Cali President Team Tracker


Over 5 years of study and huge sums of money they claimed was to present the best video and scientific evidence the world has ever know. I feel sorry for anyone who waited 5 entire years for this load of trash.

To actually have the guts to present this with a straight face has be nominated for an Emmy Award. Of course there wasn't much of the media there. One camera, a room almost empty with some people who I think came in to get out of the sun. Maybe they offered coffee and donuts. That always get's some people to come in.

They said they bought the video off of lady who had this "Bigfoot" around her property. What are the IQs of the people who paid this woman for such a telling scam. A 5 year old child with a cell phone camera may have gotten better video of this alleged "Bigfoot/Sasquatch" sleeping and walking into the dark woods.

The woman claims to have snuck up on the Bigfoot and took the video. That much be one deaf Bigfoot. Any real Bigfoot knows someone is coming from far away.


Here are the Matilda and Chewbacca photos. Pretty damn close. The Matilda costume looks like a cheap version of Chewbacca you buy at a Halloween Costume Shop this time of year.

I think whatever money was raised went someplace else, surly not into that project.  For them to think they could pass off someone in a Chewbacca costume from Star Wars is an insult to our intelligence.

Of course there are some people who think the photos and video show an actual Bigfoot. That these same people have never seen a real Bigfoot may be why they think it is real. If you have seen an actual Bigfoot, you would know in 3 seconds that this is a hoax.

The Chewbacca character was created by George Lucas. The Producer/Director of Star/Wars. Chewbacca is what Lucas thought a Bigfoot 'may'  look like.

Another slap in the face to the Bigfoot community and all of the hard working researchers who do look for solid evidence and some do find that evidence.

Chock this up with such other scams like the current Canadian Sasquatch talking Bigfoot who calls out the guys name "Mike, Mike" and uses a Harmonizer. An electronic devise that alters anyone's voice who talks into one hooked up to a microphone. Google it and you'll see what they can do

Rick Dyer and Team Tracker is about to release the DVD called "After The Shot." This DVD show's you in ultra clear HD qualit of what happened that night in Texas. You'll see the body moved and transported to the location where it has been studied over this past year. A once in a life time event you can have in your home.

Also being released is "The Autopsy" this show's exactly what these beings are made of. The huge heart and organs all filmed doing this medical first and an incredible thing for you and your family to see.

As a bonus, everyone that buys the DVD will be invited to come to Las Vegas this December to attend the Team Tracker party. At this event you will have the once in a lifetime chance to see the actual Bigfoot body in person and meet the legend himself, Rick Dyer and the members of Team Tracker.

If you can't attend, we are having a Pay Per View that night. On this, the first of it's kind broadcast, you will also get to see the body of "Hank" the Bigfoot for 4 hoiurs on yiu TV screen.

Click on the link below for the DVD's and Pay Per View purchase links.


Anonymous said...

I thought Rick had a huge influx of fans on his Facebook fan page. Why aren't more DVDs being sold then?

Anonymous said...

More garbage from Cali, the biggest idiot on earth. Frank you haven't earned the right to talk shit about anyone, you stupid old fool. You should spend more time paying attention to your grandson and kicking your cigarette habit. Didn't you have a heart attack not long ago? Yet still smoking.

Anonymous said...

Just remember folks..ya get to see Dyer running around in his UNWEAR in this DVD! So order now and see Rick in his SKIVVIES!

DS said...

Any comment Rick or TT, about Javier, and his claims, and about the Leaked photo of Hank, from one of the investors? Pic at bottom of page.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

That photo comes from a movie Abominable 2006 an extra row of teeth were added. Here's the original>>

DS said...

Thanks! Good work!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome.

Anonymous from 6:06pm. Hmhm...