Wednesday, October 2, 2013

See HANK The Dead Bigfoot Body LIVE Pay Per View

       Hank IS Coming: See The Live Event


               On Pay Per View         


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Anonymous said...

Wow...what will Rick think of next to separate fools from their money?

Anonymous said...

Rick has been looking VERY fat in the recent hangouts. Is it true he ate Hank?

DS said...


Anonymous said...

Remember when Tom Biscardi tried to pull off a pay preview scam of a Bigfoot some woman claimed to have captured? It happened shortly after the 2008 hoax. Biscardi was being interviewed on Coast to Coast and encouraged listeners to send him money to watch the Bigfoot streamed live online. On the day that the Bigfoot was to air live, Biscardi claimed the woman who had the Bigfoot was mentally ill. Coast to Coast (I think it was George Noory who was hosting that night) berated Biscardi and demanded he pay back everyone who bought the pay preview of the the Bigfoot.

You remember that Rick? That was right around the same time you and your buddy Matt Whitton claimed to have found a dead Bigfoot. You know, the one you put in the freezer. You and Matt had been on Coast to
Coast just a few weeks before.... with Biscardi.