Monday, October 7, 2013

Rick Dyer invites Tim Fasano to the party in Las Vegas

By: Lynk Paul - Editor, Team Tracker

Last evening, prior to the show, Rick Dyer spoke with Tim Fasano by phone and invited him to come to the PPV party at Dyer's expense, on Decemver 12, 2013 and Fasano has accepted to offer.

Rick Dyer and Team Tracker along with other special guests will be there, including Derek Randles of The Olympic Project. It's still a couple of months to the party so let's see who else will be invited.

Fasano is quoted as saying:

"Rick Dyer has invited me to video the showing of Bigfoot at a major hotel/casino 12/12/13 in Las Vegas. Derek Randels will be there to authenticate the Bigfoot. I will be there ONLY to tape what goes on. The deal I have with Rick is that I can take video of EVERYTHING and post ALL OF IT on YouTube. First, the images will be on my membership site and my Twitter. Then, the next day public released.

You don't want to miss out on this monumental event when "the ninth wonder of the world"is released before its national tour to 48 states. Understand, if this is not a Bigfoot, you will see the results as well. Nothing will be held bac

I am not working with Dyer. I am going because Derek Randels will be there (has sponsored our trail cam project). If its a hoax you will see that. Plus, play the Pass Line with odds, take the come line, and place the six and eight. Roll them dice! "

Don't worry Tim, even though you didn't get the correct spelling of the name of the man who sponsored your trail cam project, as the Editor of this blog, I fixed it for you. I got your back Tim!!!!

If you haven't already ordered your copy of "After The Shot" and/or "BIGFOOT - The Autopsy", which are literally tickets to the party, please go to the websites below and place you order if you want to be part of the biggest event in recent history. If you cannot make it to the party, you can order it on PPVand see it all live from the comfort of your own home. See details on the websites.

Rick has also extended a special limited time offer for the  the price of PPV in show of research support to Tim Fasano to assist him and his team with much needed equipment.

HURRY!!!!.....and capitalize on this limited time offer while supporting a Bigfoot researcher. After the 10-09-2013 the price goes back up as previously advertized.

While there is no love lost or gained between Dyer and Fasano, Rick gives credit where it is due and prefers to aid other hard working Bigfoot researchers who are out in the field actually searching for Bigfoot.


Anonymous said...

Fatsano and Dyer....two peas in a pod....

Anonymous said...

Hey, Rick. At what hotel in Vegas will the viewing/party take place? It would be nice to know so people could RSVP.

Anonymous said...

I 2nd that ...spill the beans ...

Anonymous said...

seriously, will become a hoaxing convention.

Jason Judd said...

It is a TT party. The only way you can attend is to buy a DVD as Rick stated.......Anonymous.